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1. Thanks for chatting to us Fernando. We’re extremely excited to have you back in Cape Town next month for Vortex. What can we expect from you during your set at the 20 year’s of Vortex?

Hi everyone, first of all I’m very happy to be part of Vortex 20 Years, what a responsibility. I am playing my fresh album, as well some other collabs with friends as Materia, Tristan and Avalon and Symbolic, to name a few.

2. Your latest Killerwatts remix has just been released and it’s an absolute banger. Can we expect to hear it on the Cape Town dance floor?

Thanks for the kind words, I will definitely play it as a new Live mix I made especially for Vortex 20 years.  I have been playing this track from Australia till Mexico , and it definitely is a number  1 track, if not the best in 2014, as was ‘Wake Up’ the original mix was a big hit in the summer of 2013, as many big DJs played.

3. Your new album Nowa Galaktyka is set to be released very soon on Zero1 music. Can you tell us about it, the process behind it and how it got you to where it is today?

It was 12 years of hard work and researching of music and audio engineering. Hours in the studio to find out what is possible to extract from the computer, and now is time to unleash what I have learned.

I am very happy with the idea, which finally got sold, after few years trying to release it, but I was never satisfied with the result.

Nowa Galactica, is a series of 4cds, released half on zero1 and half on 24/7, due of the styles I want to showcase, one is more psychedelic and another is a bit more harder, deep and driving.I got help from friends which pushed me to do it, since there is not much full-on psytrance in digital stores, due many people migrating to progressive. It’s hard to describe how I got to this point, it was many attempts and ideas, but hopefully I’ve reach the point I was trying to get!

4. Do you prefer playing your sets during the day or at night time? To add onto this, do you prefer playing longer sets, 3 – 4 hours or shorter 1 – 2 hour sets?

Depends the crowd and the conditions, long set is of course more interesting,  especially in an open air parties, where you can create the atmosphere you want, as well hold the crowd for a certain moment to then drop the banging tracks. as live set i normaly play 1 hour, since i try to, using my a software  i developed based on reaktor (native instruments software), a real live set, where i have many kinds of triggers. fx and aditionals on top of the actual music running!

5. You’ve played in Cape Town before, can you let us know your thoughts on the Cape Town psy trance and how it compares to the rest of the world.

The parties are really well made, logistics are really nice, sound system are really good as well as the decoration.

SA has incredible artists to enrich the scene as musicians and visual artwork as decoration (so far the best décor is there). Beside all that, the beautiful South African crowd, always fresh and smiling. I have always had good times in SA, the hospitality is top notch and the country is a great place to stay and create great memories.

6. What does it mean to you to be playing alongside some of the greatest psy trance DJ’s at the 20 years of Vortex celebration in Cape Town next month?

It means a lot, Headroom is a good friend as well a big inspiration for my music. I’ve listened to this guy since his first release, and since then, I have become his fan and founded the Zimbo Fan Club (just kidding) as well Symbolic who is a great artist, who in my opinion, changed the music scene with his unique progressive-full-on psytrance! So it’s safe to say after all these years I will still feel an adrenaline to play at such an incredible event, which is very unique with loads of original artists!

7. What are your top three tracks in your player at this very moment?

Materia – darklines (great track)
Tristan and Raja Ram – LsD (really creative psychedelic)
Hanzo Live set (pretty good progressive)

8. Who has influenced your sound since you started producing psy trance and what motivates you to keep going and pushing out your unique and distinctive Waio sound we’ve come to love?

I think from the old Infected Mushroom I gained a large amount of influences, as well from everything I listened around to, there are too many people that I learn and exchange knowledge as well during this 12 years. Aphex Twin is a good inspiration; as well Access to Arasaka, Autechre and a lot glitch hop music, lorena Mckennit for the epic melodies and harmonies, Squarepusher also took my attention since “you know squarepusher” release!

9. You seem to have just as much fun while DJ’ing during your set as the people in the crowd, is this your way of entertaining the crowd while the music is playing or do you just love dancing and having fun during your set? It’s a rare quality seeing a DJ having as much fun as you during their set.
I do love to listen to my music really loud, that makes me move and from time to time in the middle of my set I have been known to come to the dance floor to enjoy the feeling that the people is having. It’s hard not to dance when I can hear my music on a loud and huge sound system, if not when other deejays playing. I had fun times already going in the crowd, that is not so normal, but I want to hear if its sounding how must be!

I also like to make people goes crazy with my music. So I can join in!

10. Any last words for the Cape Town crowd? We’re extremely excited to see what you got in store for us.

I am super amped for Vortex 20 years, as well to meet all of you gorgeous people down there. Let’s make this event unforgettable, as every Vortex always is, and celebrate our lives and loves for a better no-ego world, we are all the same, just different interests.  Peace

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