Interview| Vaishiyas (Germany)


South Africa holds a steadfast reputation as the darker scent of evil when it comes to psychedelic trance music. We proudly bang scream and kick our way to the front of an aggressively charged dance floor and are prone to letting the night time horrors overwhelm us. That’s why, when the rumours of a Vaishaiyas set in the midst of the summer sun became truth, the ominous waves of elation were the natural path my stomach followed. Sometimes being happy is better than being angry, and this German trance superstar definitely favours the joyful. The second of April saw Vaishiyas join compatriots Neelix, Flowjob and Perfect Stranger for the very first Light and Love Festival. Brought to us by the most musically connected man in the Southern Tip, Raymond Bloom. We got together with the forefront of this musical extravaganza to find out his flawless recipes for smiles.

 Vaishiyas – Fakes (Turn this up nice and loud and enjoy)

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MCBN: In a time where hard and darker trends are dominating our local scene, you have brought a fresh and energetic genre to the fore. How would you describe your sound and why do you think it appeals to such a broad audience?

V: I would describe it as positive driving progressive trance, people are open to music which makes them happy, that makes you wanna dance and have a party together, and thats why I think that its the lighter beats, which are still pumping that are good for dancing 🙂

MCBN: Speaking of audiences, where is the most amazing crowd you’ve ever played to?

V: Finally I can say its South Africa! Australia as well, you guys are really into your music though and enjoy the time when everyone is partying on the dance floor together, great vibes!

MCBN: If you could play to any group of people, be it 10 000 persons strong, or 5 random dudes in a bedroom, who and where would it be?

V: Good question, I think its: The Main Programmer from the Ableton Headquarter, Steve Vai, Django Reinhard, Mike Portnoy and Steve Jobs 🙂

MCBN: Who or what is your musical inspiration?

V: Almost every kind of music, I am pretty open to almost each and every style of music. There is just Rnb, which I personally dont like ;-P

MCBN: South Africans hear Germany and think Mercedes and Boris Becker. Tell us something interesting about Berlin that most uneducated poorly travelled Saffas don’t know.

V: The Berlin club scene is really heavy, if your a fan of minimal techno and so on, Berlin is for sure a must visit, go to Berghain or Watergate and you will find some of the best clubs in the world. As well you need to go a catch a ”Currywurst” which is a trademark when in Berlin

MCBN: You are privileged to travel the world and do what you love. With this you must get exposed to alot of young up and coming talent. Who is a rising star we haven’t yet heard of but should definitely look out for in the future?

V: For sure, Interactive Noise, he is a young guy from Mexico who suprises me with his production skills, on the floor his DJ sets are monsterous as well, thats the guy for sure. Definitely the guy to look out for in the future 🙂

MCBN: If you could bring three famous people back from the dead and take them to dinner who would it be?

V: Grandpa, Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson

MCBN: Give us a bit of an idea as to what kind of equipment you use, and make the techies wet by telling us how your live show differs from your in studio productions.

V: In both, I am using live 8. For my studio its the ideal tool to record ideas down in the quickest way. For my live sets,  its arranging new loops effects in to the music, as well to some rearrangement like internal recording on stage.

MCBN: If you went deaf tomorrow…. what would you do for a living instead?

V: More positive thinking, concentrate on the good things, leave the bad!

MCBN: Is there one track all djs should own, and if so, what is it?

V: Yes, Dream Theater – Metropolis, but this is almost impossible to mix, almost 🙂

MCBN: Finally the dreaded MyCityByNight “Would you rather…” question. So, would you rather drink a shot of 3 week old milk out German icon David Hasselhoff’s navel, or would you rather have him lick up a day old yogurt off your lower back?

V: Dont Hassel the Hoff 🙂

MCBN: Thank you very much sir, your set was one of a kind and was an honour having you on the trance floor!


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