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Sexy Groovy Love and Olmeca Tequila are proud to welcome Trancemicsoul to the lineup of our Secret Safari adventure at Cradle Moon Lakeside Game Lodge on the 1st of October. We were lucky enough to sit down with him and find out what he’s been up to lately, and what we can expect from his set. Get inside the mind of one of South Africa’s most prolific talents in the music industry…

SGL: Hi Clement! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat to us. You’ve played at some incredible events this winter, and it looks like you’re going to have a very busy summer as well! What’s been the best musical experience for you so far this year? 

TMS: Hello, many thanks for having me. It has been a very busy year filled with great shows all round. I’ve recently joined a new booking agency which specializes in music, artists and shows that I feel represent what I like as an artist. So it’s a bit tough to choose the best musical experience so far. There’s so much more in store from our partnership, we are just letting things happen genuinely.

SGL: We’ve always wanted to know how you came up with your name, Trancemicsoul? Is there a story behind it, or what inspired it?

TMS: Well, I used the alias “DJ Trance” as my stage name until tertiary institution where I got exposed to music composition (2006). I knew the Disc Jockey abbreviation (DJ) had to be removed from my stage name as I was interested in being an artist than just a DJ due to music composition, but I didn’t want to lose the “Trance”, so I fused it with “Mic”. I also believed (still do) my soul is responsible for making the music, so I decided to include “Soul” to the name and TranceMicSoul was born.

SGL: In 2013, you travelled to New York with the Red Bull Music Academy for two weeks attending lectures, studio sessions and events. What was that experience like for you and how did you find the scene in New York?

TMS:  Yes, I was really lucky to be chosen as the only South African participant and I always thank GOD for such a blessing. The RBMA experience it’s very difficult to sum it up in words, its’s a totally different world. A world where music, art, knowledge and innovation cross boarders. A world where race, culture and lifestyle fuse to just one element. This experience really broaden my mindset to start thinking global not local, to really think out of the box. The trip really inspired me in so many ways! I really found the scene very diverse depending on what you are searching for. Just like in any other city, if there’s no solid culture behind a certain sound then chances are you won’t hear or know about it.

SGL: There is so much musical talent to be found in our beautiful country. In your opinion, which local artists or DJ’s should we be keeping an eye on?

TMS: I’m a huge fan of anyone pushing boundaries to be honest. For me it’s not only about the talent, it’s more about where do you come from and where are you heading to? Do you see the vision? Do you have a mission? Those kind of qualities!

SGL: We love the fact that you have your own unique sound, which you tweak to fit the specific energy and atmosphere of different events. When it comes to your set for SGL, what can we expect from you?

TMS: I always try to understand my purpose as a DJ for each and every event I play. Am I playing an opening, middle, peak or closing slot? From there I prepare the records (NOT the SET) that I think will fit the slot and represent what I do best. So for the next installment just expect spring/summer vibes all round, fused with a twist of cinematic and melancholy vibes.

SGL: You played at Sexy Groovy Love for the first time in March this year, at our Into the Jungle adventure. How did you find the experience?

TMS: It was a great vibe with support from a diverse group of audience. I still remember it like yesterday because I was opening for the headliner and my vision was to cross pollinate my sound with his taste of music so that he gets the audience officially warmed up.

SGL: It seems like every time you play, you’re wearing a different hat or a shirt that makes a statement. Is fashion another passion of yours, or do you just like to dress to impress when you’re behind the decks

TMS: I grew up dressing up, and fashion has been part of my lifestyle since my teenage days. I’m also lucky to have a brother that works in the fashion department, so I just get most of my clothes from him. I strongly believe that music and fashion goes hand in hand, hence you can tell if someone is a hip hop, rock or techno follower by their style of dress code if you know what I mean.

SGL: We are really looking forward to having you join us at our Secret Safari, TMS! Do you have any messages for your Joburg fans or crew ahead of the event? 

TMS: I’m also really looking forward to the show! Just remember that I always feed of from the crowd, so kindly be part of the set to get my ultimate best!

SGL: Thanks so much for chatting to us, and we’ll see you at #SecretSafari!

  • Event is happening THIS Saturday – Tickets are available from – R350* (excl booking fees)
  • En-suite Chalets are also available if you’d like to stay over for the weekend @ R1800 p/p (also

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