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***This interview was done by the Dirty Mexican

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Stream this exclusive LIVE set they did for the Psymedia boys while you reading

MCBN: So the fusion of you two legends’ amazing, fresh style of full on twilight psy has been on the lips and in the noggin’s of many a blogger and stomper alike for quite some time now. Has this always been an idea waiting to happen or were you guys inspired by the fans?

A bit of both. We enjoyed eachother’s music, so we decided to do a track together called ‘From the Void’. Our own sounds worked really nicely in combination, and people seemed to enjoy it as much as we did, so that’s when we knew it was something we would pursue.

MCBN: How would you describe the sound and or style of Technicolor? What are the similarities and/or differences when looking at Deliriant’s style and that of Mad Piper’s?

The easiest way would be to compare us to Pitch Hikers. Shift is a littler harder (Deliriant), while Slug had more of a twilight, melodic feel (Mad Piper). In combination they form Pitch Hikers, two of our favourite artists, a huge influence on us, and a style to which you could compare Technicolor.

MCBN: Dom Irla has described the teaming of you two to that of fish and chips,  others have said bangers and mash, beers and bongs, it seems the marriage of you two has been received quite well, so how would you guys describe yourselves in this vein?

There’s something about our own sound, that, when combined, makes a completely new feeling, and style of music. We picked it up from the first track we ever made, and it’s seemed to have worked ever since.

MCBN:  At which party did you guys meet? And which party was the first time we got to see the combo of a Deliriant VS Mad Piper set?

We met through mutual friends somewhere deep in the matrix. We both knew and liked eachother’s music previous to that, so the next step was obviously to collaborate. We played our first proper outdoor versus at a very muddy, but awesome Organik, last year October.

MCBN: What can we expect from Technicolor in the near future?

We’ve just finished a 3 track EP for Spectral Records, and we’re hoping to release another track on Nexus Media’s Midnight Storm 5, which will both be out soon. After that, who knows, hopefully some overseas gigs, and an album in the not too distant future!!

MCBN: Do you guys have an EP on the way?

Yes Lloyd. Yes we do.

MCBN: We know Shane loves playing Deliriant sets for breakfast, what about you Peter? Also what time of day would you like to see Technicolor play at parties?

We like to think of Technicolor is a bit more of daytime-friendly act, so we’re hoping to get the Sunday morning bookings!

MCBN: Between you two, and I ask this cause I know Shane likes to party, who gets the most fucked at parties? Who would drink who under the table?

Haha well we both love partying, and we do recall some serious partying sessions together, but we’ve never actually put ourselves to the test. Shane would win though definitely. Shane wrote this.

MCBN: So between you two, who’s an ass man and who’s a boob man?

We are both proudly 100% ass men, no doubt about it!

MCBN: You’ll be playing a set at The Village this weekend, is this the Technicolor debut?

We’ve played at one indoor in Stellies, and we played our first set in Joburg this past weekend at Twilight Festival, which was amazing. But this is the first time we will playing a full live Technicolor outdoor set in Cape Town, so yes, it’s our debut!

MCBN: In order to keep the hungry beavers at bay do you guys have any tracks or mixes or both that we can listen to?

You can follow us on Facebook and Soundcloud for gigs,  music etc:

Or take a listen to the set at the top of the interview. 🙂



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