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MCBN: Hello Sirko & Stephan, thanks for chatting to us, we’re excited to have you back in Cape Town once again.
Are you excited to be heading back?

More than excited, definitely! There’s a very special vibe at this place, the people are very open-minded and friendly, and they surely love to party. We have some awesome memories about South Africa… And as the cherry on the cake the light down here at the cape is unique, it looks like liquid gold.

MCBN: How did your DJ/Production come about, you’re a household name in the progressive Psy Trance scene?

Well, we just kept on doing what we love. Why we became so successful with it? Tricky question, honestly we don’t really think about it. For us it’s more about the feeling… Maybe it’s the fact that our sound is both very modern, very dance floor-orientated, and kind of complex, full of small details and subliminal build-ups? Maybe it’s this combination that resonates in the brains and feet of so many party people out there…

MCBN: You have been to Cape Town before and you’ve experienced our Psy Trance scene in all its glory, what are your thoughts on the Cape Town scene and how would you rate it from the rest of the world?

As we mentioned before, we rate the South African scene very high for its likeable, easy-going people and its energetic vibe. A good party is all about set and setting, about the crowd on the dance floor and the infrastructure of a party. It seems like these factors are really good in South Africa. Also it seems like the scene here is really into music, really interested in the sound and its development.

MCBN: You’ve released your latest album “Time to Punk”. Could you tell us a little bit more about it and where we can get it from?

We were really satisfied when we finished this album, but looking back we are probably even more happy. Our aim was to create a dance album, full of raw energy. At the same time we are producing music since more than a decade now and we feel that we are getting more sophisticated when it comes to melodic composition and the emotions of our music. Time To Punk became a really beautiful balance between dance floor and head space, between physical and mental movement. We got so much beautiful feedback, both from party-goers and artist colleagues. It’s probably the most successful piece of music we ever released, even the collection of Time To Punk remixes is extremely popular. Needless to say that we are very, very happy with that! The album is available at all online platforms.

MCBN: What can the Cape Town crowd expect from your set at the end of August?

You may expect some of our proved and tested bangers, uplifting and energetic music. We try to create a live set that tells a story, try to create smooth transitions and we want to support the pleasure that comes with long, excessive dancing.

MCBN: What are your top three tracks in your record bag at the moment?

Symphonix – Progressive Attitute
Nok, Symphonix – F*cking Heavy
Symphonix – Hit and Run (Interactive Noise Remix)

MCBN: You’ve recently started up a new project with Fabio and Moon, care to tell us a bit more about how the project came about?

Let’s say: The project is based on our mutual love for party… We had so much fun with these guys even before our music projects gained popularity. Benni and Fabio are just two of those guys who make every party better, and it seems like they feel the same for us. As our sound is obviously compatible we created a mutual EP and it went bang! Then we performed together at Indian Spirit, we developed kind of a special show for it, and that was just as fun for us, and the people of the dance floor seemed to have a good time. So basically we just go with the flow, it feels good right now and as long as it does we will deliver some more music together.

MCBN: You’ve played in some amazing places around the world- to date, where have you enjoyed yourself the most?

Wherever there was good party! Well, that’s a sincere answer but of course you want to hear some country names. Okay… Mexico has pepper, Brazil is a just amazing, and as we mentioned above South Africa is not exactly a bad place to party, as well

MCBN: If you were forced to choose one- would you play during the day or… at night?

That’s an easy one! Daytime, no doubt about that. There’s just nothing like beautiful people dancing in the sunlight, it’s a mayor source of inspiration for us and we think that is also reflected in our sound.

MCBN: If you could remix ANY artist/musician, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

It would be very interesting to remix Depeche Mode. They have such a deep and rich sound texture in their tracks and it would be great fun to work with their amazing vocals.

For the Jozi event:

ESP presents Symphonix
Sat 9 Aug from 9pm
R150 at the door
Venue: ESP, 84 Oxford Str, Ferndale JHB
Event link for all info:
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