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We sat down with Golan Aharony who together with his brother Ohad Aharony,  make up Sub 6, an Israeli psy trance duo who have been around for just over a decade producing music for the masses and playing those beautiful beats to dance floors across the world.

MCBN: First of all, מה קורה? 🙂
Haha… i will not answer you in Hebrew because it will be too weird… everything is really good, thanks. looking forward for next weekend 🙂
MCBN: Sub 6, the name is awesome, how did you come up with the name?
Well, it’s studio time nonsense. But the explanation is that we like to feel the sub frequencies in music… it was like sub sickness, then it became Sub6 because it sounds better.
MCBN: You have traveled the world and played in some beautiful venues. Which has been your favourite venue to play at and why?
It must be Brixton Academy in London. We played there 3 times over the years in the “Psychedelic academy” events. This place is a good old British institute, and it has a great history and a very unique energy. All the biggest names in music are playing there and shooting their live concert DVD’s because it looks amazing. We were chilling in the dressing room before the party and thinking “Hey, yesterday the Prodigy were sitting here drinking beers just like us”…
MCBN: You have collaborated with some extremely talented producers. Who has been your favourite artist to work with?
My favourite track from the new album is “Uprising”. We did it with Vertical Mode – Moshe Keinan (Xerox) & Hannan Gornstein. These guys are from 2 different generations and it was really amazing to see the combination between them. Other from that, we laughed a lot, and we had great time and that’s very important to me.
MCBN: On that same question, which artists (in any genre) would you like to collaborate with?
There are so many, but ill name a few :
Trent Reznor (Nine inch nails). He has an unusual sound texture in his music and some special production technics that he developed himself.  
Chris Cornell. He is my favourite vocalist and songwriter of all times. 
And also Thom Yorke, TrentMoller, Apparat, Roots manuva, Horace Andy.
MCBN: Which producers/artists have influenced your sound over the years?  Who do you look up to as your favourite artists?
The biggest influence for us in Sub6 production is Leftfield. The atmosphere, the grooves, the combination of psychedelic music with black vocals, everything came from there. also Kraftwerk had a big influence on us. Psytrance artists that influenced us are Psysex, Antidote, X-Dream, MFG to name a few.
I don’t have 1 favourite artists. There are too many, and it changes from time to time. All the artists that i have mentioned here are my favourites, and many more, of course.
MCBN: What do you think of the South Africa scene, the producers, the artists and the venues we have down here?
We played once in SA few years back in Vortex. It was one of the best open air parties we have ever played. I don’t just say it to be nice, believe me. We played almost a 4 hour set and we could just go on. It was mind blowing. That’s why im’ so excited to go back. I know that the scene grew up a lot since we played there last time. Today SA is considered as one of the best places to play. People around the world know that the scene there grew bigger in the last few years, and it is still authentic comparing to other places.
I know Nate (Protoculture). We meet him a lot in Japan because we play for the same organisation there. I also know Adam (Headroom). He is one of my favourite full on artists today.
MCBN: If you go could out for drinks with 3 people, dead or alive, who it would it be and why?
John le Carre – I read all of his “cold war” spy books, so naturally i have a lot to ask him.
Mike Patton from Faith no more, Mr. Bungle and many more crazy musical projects. I’m pretty sure that he has an extreme personality. I want to find out what’s driving him to do all this crazy crazy stuff. 
Sofia Coppola – I like her strange atmospheric movies, and i guess i have a little crush on her hehe…
MCBN: What is your favourite track you have ever created? You have a whole load of insane releases on the Homega label!
Again I’ll name few :
What’s in your mind
El Novasion
Psysex – Survival kit (Sub6 Remix)
Electric Tease – TV is the new god (Sub6 remix)
MCBN: What can the Cape Town crowd expect from your Sub 6 set this coming weekend?
We get a lot of requests to play some classic stuff because it’s been long time since our last gig there. They can expect tunes from all times. A lot of new stuff from our album, and some new remixes that we just finished (To Ticon & Astrix). 
MCBN: Thanks so much for chatting to us. See you on the trance floor!
Thank you! see you soon !

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