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Interview done by: @_aimless

MCBN was lucky enough to be able to catch the Fun In The Sun pre-party at Origin in Durban last weekend. While we were there, we managed to have a chat with up-and-coming local DJ Kevin “Spindoctor” Fraser, who has been making quite a name for himself on the Durban music scene. Only 21 years old, Kevin has been playing in clubs around SA since the age of 16. Recently he has started to expand his repertoire to include opening for and playing with international DJs such as Avicii, Edward Maya and Sebastian Leger.

MCBN: How did you get into music, and where did the name Spindoctor come from?

Spindoctor (SD): I got into music about 7 years ago, playing at house parties for friends and all the rest. It was just love really. Later, I began to make the move into the club and big event scene and then some festivals. It’s been bliss and hard work ever since. My name? Well, it kind of just sprung up one day… It has EDM connotations, and also means someone who markets themselves well and I feel that’s a huge part of my life.

MCBN: We have heard that you cause a frenzy in clubs with the aid of something called a spin nurse?? Can you explain this to us please? 😉

SD: Yes, she sometimes comes out to play 😉 That kind of grew from a gig I did at Cape Town’s Tiger Tiger when they created this nurse-theme around my set.  I continued the idea ever since… Basically my spin-nurses are ladies dressed up in nurse outfits who sometimes accompany me on stage to get the crowd going.

MCBN: What age were you when you first dj’ed at a club?

SD: I was 16 when I first did a club gig. It’s actually funny because the club didn’t want me playing for a while due to my age, but nevertheless I persevered. When you love something, you make it happen.

MCBN: Biggest SA influences? Who would be your first choice of SA artist to collaborate with or open for that you have not yet worked with?

SD: I have a lot of respect for Fresh and would love to do a collab with Pascal & Pearce. They are genuine!

MCBN: Favourite venue/gig you have played so far?

SD: G&G Ballito New Year’s Eve. 12,000 people. Enough said. Favourite venue was definitely Segafredo, Miami.

MCBN: Your dream gig – venue and collaborations/opening for?

SD: Something like Holy Ship, at a venue in paradise with artists like Pleasurekraft, Belocca, Stefano Noferini, Nic Fanciulli to mention a few! Recipe for disaster 😉

MCBN: How did you get into techno, and what other genres have/would you like to explore?

SD: I fell in love with Tech House, upbeat house as well as the darker sounds of house a few years ago. I always wanted to be playing different stuff to other South African DJs, and maintain a very unique style. I explore the progressive house sounds and enjoy psytrance as well, but a typical Spindoctor set is likely to have your ears on a trampoline of groovy, sexy, salsy tech!

MCBN: Which gig are you most excited about in upcoming months?

SD: Afrojack SA Tour on the 29th in Jozi, and Durban on the 30th. Also very excited for NERVO, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Steve Aoki SA Tour gigs!

MCBN: We heard you visited Cape Town last year to check out the scene here. In your opinion, what is the difference between the KZN and CPT music scenes? Would you consider moving to CPT/JHB and if you did, would you continue with your signature funky house/techno sound or would you try to reinvent your sound?

SD: I would move to Cape Town in a heartbeat. KZN is like a much smaller version of CPT, but the music trends are very similar. I love CT and they appreciate my music! I would continue with my signature sound and maybe adjust one or 2 things along the road 😉

MCBN:  Any underground SA artists you think we should keep a lookout for?

SD: Definitely watch out for Rain and Veranda Panda.

MCBN: We will actually be checking out Veranda Panda this weekend at Earthdance! Thanks for the tip, and for taking the time to chat to us. Next time you are in CPT, let us know – we have a soft spot for techno 😉

For more information on Spindoctor’s gigs, downloads of his latest track “Digital Africa” (Spindoctor & Rain ft. Eli) or bookings, check out his facebook page or his website

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