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Check out this in-depth interview with newly formed duo - SNRJNR

We chatted with the newly formed duo SNRJNR, who’ll be launching their new act this weekend at TAU in Cape Town. We caught up with them to find out a little bit more about the duo, what you can expect from them, whether they’re into bigger festivals or smaller intimate crowds and their take on the Cape Town music scene. Read this in-depth interview with SNRJNR below.

MyCityByNight: For most of 2018, hints and announcements about this duo forming having been floating around social media and this weekend, we’ll see SNRJNR perform for the very first time as the new act. Tell us more about the duo and how it came about?

Raymond: I am the Original and Sonic is the Remix.
Sonic: It was only a matter of time. The entirety of my life, I have been brought up into this scene and mentored by my dad. As I began to show interest in electronic music around the age of 15, I started adopting my dads taste in music and would regularly listen to his tracks. Within a year, I started to find my own sound and create something that reflected myself while still keeping my roots firmly in place. This collaboration of sound will definitely have some interesting results.

MCBN: What people can expect from you two in your upcoming sets?

Raymond: A war of love and passion but competitive. My concept of  “back to back” is similar to my history of the Bliss Sound System with Paul Sprecher, which was every track has to be better than the previous.
Sonic: I plan on creating a unique set based on deep melodic and driving tracks and ending off on a slower bpm, completely changing the atmosphere of the club.

MCBN: You are playing at TAU this weekend. What time can people find you there and where else can people find SnrJnr?

SNRJNR: We are performing from midnight to 2 am. It’s a short set for back to back as we will only be peaking when we have to be dragged from the decks at 2 am

MCBN: What are your favourite tracks at the moment? Let’s hear what secret weapons we’ll see you firing in your upcoming sets.

Raymond: Let’s see where the night goes but I am caught between a deeper more melodic sound like “1pmSunrise “ and a groovier techno direction like “ Perfectly- Mr Bizz
Sonic: My more driving side being “Tweezer” – Aitor Ronda and my melodic side: Arise – Victor Ruiz

MCBN: Do you prefer the intimate club session or massive festival crowd?

Raymond: They are both so different and challenging. I guess a darker smaller sweatier underground edgier intimate option.
Sonic: Festival crowds as I just feel a certain element inside me opening up, creating a more dynamic and unique set.

MCBN: Will there be any production anytime soon from you two?

SNRJNR: Let’s rock the dance floor first before we get technical.

MCBN: What your current thoughts on the Cape Town electronic music scene, with such a busy past few months in the industry, do you feel there is too much happening or do you think it’s helping grow the scene here in Cape Town?

Raymond: “Disappointing” is the only word I can think of but maybe I have seen too much over a longer period of time and it seems to be going backwards. Electronic music used to be the sound of the underground and nowadays underground is the new commercial.
Sonic: This last season has been an interesting one, to say the least. It has been evident that event attendance has been at a noticeable low level  (arguably due to a higher influx of events being held weekly). This has all lead to an increase in competition which has shown better production standards and a bar set much higher for the upcoming season.

MCBN: What’s the vision for you as a duo in Cape Town, you both have solo projects, so will this become your main focus?

Raymond: Just to have fun and do some cool shows.
Sonic: It will be a big investment but it will be kept exclusive and limited to a few shows a year.

MCBN: Who are your favourite artists in South Africa at the moment? Who are the guys you think are doing things right at the moment? 

Raymond: I am too critical to be nice. There are many local artists who have great potential but do not take the risk to take themselves to the next level. That’s why we promoters have to rely on international artists.
Sonic: Stab Virus – the duo have been some of the hardest working artists in the industry and have taken their talent to a global scale and making their debut at the Awakenings Festival in the Netherlands.

MCBN: Anything in the pipeline for 2018 we should know about?

SNRJNR: Let’s see if we can do some shows in Ibiza and around Europe this summer as we will be based there.

MCBN: Where can anyone looking to follow your movements find you online? Can you share your pages with us?

Raymond: I am not only the oldest DJ in the country (maybe the world) but have always been the most underground. So no, I don’t exist on social media.
Sonic: You heard what the old man said…

MCBN: With a host of new venues popping up in and around Cape Town, where’s your favourite venue to play at?

Raymond: We chose TAU to do our first show together.
Sonic: Tau has been one of my favourite venues to perform at. Having played there a month or two ago, I fell in love with the place and couldn’t think of a better location to kick off our launch.

MCBN: Awesome guys, we’re really excited to see where the project takes over the next few months. See you at Tau this weekend.
Event link – here

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