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MCBN: Thanks for chatting to us Snide. What made you decide to take on the roll of Snide Guy and do what you do?

Ah, there wasn’t much of a thought process involved regarding the creation of Snide, I merely involved two of my favorite things, humor, and MMA. Much like Alex Cheboub has, only difference is his humor is exhibited through his standup.

As for my role in the mixed martial arts community, I report on all happenings swept under the rug. To define it in layman terms I’m almost like an EFC autocorrect, personified of course. It’s become a full time job of late.

MCBN: You have had a go at all almost everyone involved in the MMA scene in South Africa,. Who do you most enjoy having a go at?

Inevitably I gain most satisfaction from those fighters whom have a negative reaction from my roasts. With Neil Diesel hiring a private investigator, putting up a R10 000 reward and challenging everyone he believes me to fisticuffs, he’s right up there. I also enjoy having a go at the FFM boys, fans enjoy that and jump on the bandwagon. I do enjoy having a go at Dino Bertolis from time to time, but he’s as relevant in the MMA circle as Ron Jeremy is at a lesbian convention.

MCBN: Who, in your eyes, are South Africa’s top fighters?

Seems like this question is baited, I can’t remain unbiased by stating my views on the top athletes. But the guys with more wins than losses seem to be doing okay in my books. I can tell you this, of the five top guys in SA, only one of them fights in the EFC.

MCBN: The sport is blowing up across the country and we’re seeing new fighters, teams, and gyms popping up all over the show. What do you think of the current MMA scene?

The exponential rate of growth regarding mixed martial arts is unreal. Ever since the movies “never back down” and “warrior” surfaced our population of resident professionals basically doubled overnight. Every few days there’s a new gym popping up, and every time it does Jadyson Costa is there pledging allegiance to it. In South Africa at the moment I believe it’s more accurate to refer to the initialization of MMA as “Mixed Moering Action” than Mixed Martial arts. We’re still a long way behind our Yankee brethren.

MCBN: Who are your favourite fighters?

I enjoy amateur bouts. Seeing guys putting it on the line for the sake of fighting, not worrying about fight purses, fame or reputation. When I refer to amateurs, I mean actual amateur unpaid athletes, not half the EFC amateurs trying to act like pros.

MCBN: If you could sit with the EFC team and create three fights… Who would they be and why?

Who do you think creates the fights now? I tweet, EFC reads. I’m matchmaking in its entirety.

MCBN: You’re extremely good at hiding your identity and rightfully so. Has anyone ever found out or come close to finding out who Snide Guy is?

Yes. Ask anyone who Snide Guy is, they all know beyond a reasonable doubt with utmost confidence who I am.

In utmost honesty not one person knows, but I do enjoy letting folks deduce their own conclusions and me confirming them.

MCBN: What are your thoughts on the current EFC champions?

Let’s start from FW and go up.

Demarte Pena; talented sprinter, has a great base tan, list of excuses why he won’t fight Boyd Allen bigger than his fight purses.
Don Madge; proves that you don’t need experience or a lavish ground game to become champ, just an ability to beat urine tests.
Dino Bagattin; good hands, never uses them to block punches thrown at his face. Great submissions, not so much with setting them up, more so with getting them used on him.
Jeremy Smith; too small for the MW division, in fact, he’s too small for any division and should retire, ask any EFC contracted athlete. He needs to see the same lady Boyd Allen does about getting his eyebrows plucked.
Gideon Drotschie; had the quickest run attaining the LHW belt, in fact, it was so quick nobody even saw him fight for the belt.
Andrew Van Zyl; apparently the only thing you need in the HW division in order to attain a belt is a gas tank. Fueled by KFC

MCBN: Who is the next fighter we get to see you roast?

You tell me, I am but a humble servant. I will roast interview the next fighter that volunteers. I do have my eyes on noddy lookalike Liam Cleland. Make sure he reads this interview.

MCBN: Would you consider yourself a troll or someone who is giving the fans the information they need to hear?

I’m going to take one for the team and say troll. I love my fans and do enjoy releasing info before it even becomes info. But trolling fighters is just too much fun.

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