Interview | Side Effects (Isr)

MCBN: We are very excited to have you down in Cape Town for the first time. How much do you know about the South African psytrance scene?

South Africa has always been a top destination on the global map with great artists over the years, and we only hear good things from various artists who have travelled to South Africa and the amazing energy there.

MCBN: How would you describe your sound and why do you think it appeals to such a broad audience?

Our sound is a pure blend of psychedelic and progressive music, and we always try ensure that each track has something special and unique inside which speaks with many people, like a trigger.

MCBN: When did you begin producing/DJ’ing and how did it all come about?

We’ve loved music from a very young age and naturally started experimenting with production as teenagers after attending our first trance parties together. We both have been friends since childhood and even attended our first trance party experiences. So our interests have always been similar as from young we have shared music and the artists we discovered which makes our production together work really good. We can also remember attending a party in 2000/1 where a dj played the entire Simplicity album from Cosma, this made us realize that we wanted to produce this genre, and so over the years we both enjoyed DJ’ing and experimenting with production in our own studios. In 2011 we decided to join forces and Side-Effects was born.

MCBN: If you could play to any group of people, be it 10 000 persons strong, or 5 random dudes in a bedroom, who and where would it be?

We have played in many various size events, and yes big crowds are great when everyone is into the music, feeling the vibes and dancing, and we have also played at some smaller events with 200 for 300 people and it was really special too. So I guess it all depends on many things, the environment, the vibes which can make all dance floors really special.

MCBN: What are your favourite tracks right now?

Ace Ventura & Symbolic – Prime Time
Liquid Soul vs Zyce – We Come in Peace
Royal Flush – Sub Zero
Symbolic & Zen Mechanics – Psychological Effects
To name a few…

MCBN: What can the Cape Town crowd expect when you hit the decks at the Natural Wonder event on 26 July?

You can expect to hear lots of new material we’ve been working on and look ahead to add some amazing vibes at the upcoming event.

MCBN: Are there any South African DJ’s that you follow  and/or enjoy their music?

Yes indeed, when looking back over the last few years especially between 2003 to 2007, some artists that really impressed us without doubt must been Rinkadink and Shift.

MCBN: Who has shaped your sound since you began producing, and who has influenced and help you get to where you are now?

We are very proud that over the years we constantly kept working and developing our own sound, always finding ways to improve our production. Yes we have had many influences over the years which would include Astrix, The Delta, Ace Ventura, FREq, Liquid Soul and Symbolic to name a few.

MCBN: Is there one track all DJs should own, and if so, what is it?

Yes, for us rather an album, which is Cosma ‘s – Nonstop, it’s a masterpiece and even today it’s timeless and impossible to choose just one track on this album.


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