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We were lucky enough to sit with down one of the international headlining acts for LOVE AND LIGHT 2014, Roy Tilbour aka Rocky. A personal favourite of ours!

MCBN: Thanks for chatting to us Roy. First question we’d like to know – How did you come up with the name Rocky? Are you a big fan of the movies or did it come from another source?

Rocky has been my nickname since I was 10 years old, so it was natural for me when I started to DJ that Rocky will be also my stage name.

A fan of the Rocky movies?! Aren’t all of us?! (Editor: Hell yeah)

MCBN: You have been playing progressive trance for a number of years now! How did you get into the genre of psy trance and what has kept you going all these years?

I started out as a House DJ, to be honest the first time I went to a psy trance party I didn’t understand at all what it is all about, not the people not  the music. It was very different from what I was used to see and feel in the house party scene. The second time I went to a trance party was in India, it was a very small event in Kasol (north India) , it was around 100 people but it felt that the amount of people was not the key thing, everyone was dancing and smiling and just having pure fun and that was the moment I said to myself this is it , I have found my real destiny I want to play psy trance.

And I think that the evolution of the trance genre is what kept me going all these years .

MCBN: Production is a key element to getting artists onto the big stage. When did you decide to take the next step and begin producing or did you find that from day one you were DJing and Producing just as much?

It was a very fast process, I wanted to start with production from the beginning of my DJ days.

I wanted to produce my own music and style that will be part of my DJ skills. I was very keen about it and although the learning process was slow I always pushed forward and aimed to make my own sound.

MCBN: You have grown up a part of the Israeli psy movement. How are things in the Israeli psy scene at the moment? Have you heard much about the Cape Town scene?

Israel is a good base point for psy artists to grow and thrive, there are a lot of parties and many artists that can teach you and share their knowledge with you.

The scene here is getting bigger and bigger in the past 3 years and you can find a wide verity of events, from festivals of 10,000 people to amazing clubs that are working 7 nights a week.

Cape Town scene has a very good reputation these days, all the artists say very good things about the parties there and everyone wants to come and play there.

MCBN: You have worked with a large number of credible artists, who has been your favourite artist to collaborate with?

I am not able to point a finger  to one or two artists as I have done a lot of collaborations and from every artist I learned something that helped me along the way and improved my knowledge and my view on music.

MCBN: Being a DJ that travels the world and plays at some of the biggest festivals across the world, what has been the craziest thing you have seen while DJing, travelling or getting ready for a gig?

A crazy thing to one is the most regular thing to another. . .

But I must say that I will never get used to seeing people dancing naked in the dance floor… But if it makes you happy who am I to judge?

MCBN: You joined forces with Ace Ventura, to become Easy Riders and combining over 25 years of psytrance knowledge. How did this duo come about? What can we expect in Cape Town?

Yoni Aka Ace and myself know each other more or less from the age of 15, After we made two tracks that were very successful it was only natural for us to continue and work together and join forces.

We are not trying to invent the wheel we just enjoy working together and making people happy that is what we aim to do with our music.

MCBN: After you released ‘A Thread Of Light’ and ‘Keyboard Wipeout’, your South African fans have been hooked. Can we expect a third album any time soon? Or any new material in Cape Town?

It is nice to know that you like my albums and checking in on the news about a new one .

For me to make an album is to be in full concentration and to process all my ideas into one CD that you can listen from start to end. That takes time and for now this ingredient is missing in my life as I’m a new dad and travelling around the globe.

It is my real passion to make a new album and I promise you that it will happen before Sylvester will make Rocky 7 , hopefully 😀 .

MCBN: Thanks for chatting to us and see you in March 😀

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