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Enjoy this exclusive interview with Plastic Robots and their In Das We Trust Exclusive Ultimix set to warm you up for the event.

Brazilian Superstars Dan and Nando of Plastic Robot’s return to the Cape Town crowd after a 2 year interval since the last time they gave our dance floors a lesson in Brazilian Bass music. We chatted with them about their return to Get Real Festival, what the Plastic Robots studio looks like, their current Brazilian acts to keep an eye on, what to expect in Cape Town and much more…

Hit the play button on this EXCLUSIVE In Das We Trust 5FM mix by the Plastic Robots where you can find out more about the Get Real event and the newly formed club night ANOMALY at District launching after Get Real – catch Luke McPherson & Das Kapital give you the low down in this exclusive chat!

MCBN: Welcome back to South Africa guys, we’re very excited to see you since your performance at Sweet Nothings. Fast forward two years and you’re back, this time and the newcomers to the festival game, Get Real, who made their mark with international superstar Gustavo Mota earlier this year. Is Cape Town ready for the return of Plastic Robots?

Plastic Robots (PR): Thanks for the interview. Well, it will be my pleasure to return to Cape Town. We have a special affection for South Africa. And about being… ready for sure! They were one of the most exciting audiences we went through.

MCBN: What can we expect from your Plastic Robots set this time around?

PR: New and classic music =) Our set is always unpredictable. We like to play with styles and insert unusual music. Follow our feelings. When we are connected to the dance floor, things flow naturally.

MCBN: What is your ideal time to play at a festival and why?

PR: For short sets, our preference is in the middle of the night, where everyone is with charged batteries. Already for long sets, we undoubtedly enjoyed the dawn. We have moments in our sets that fit well with this time.

Posted by GET REAL on Wednesday, 18 April 2018

MCBN: Tell us the back story about Plastic Robots, how did you two (Dan & Nando) meet and form this project?

PR: We were two DJs in solo projects, where most of the time we played in southern Brazil. Between one party and another, friends in common, in July 2012 we decided to create Plastic Robots. We wanted to make a unique sound, a mix of techno, electro and minimal. Avoid the obvious because the obvious is boring. At that time, music production in Brazil was still timid, so we started together with other producers, influencing the style of Brazilian electronic music.

MCBN: How do you guys stay on top of the game, what keeps you motivated to continue producing and creating insane shows around the world?

PR: The only way to stay interested in his art, in his work, is by the way you feel you must do. Not following what others want you to do. So you will continue to be passionate about your work.

MCBN: Who are three acts we should be keeping our eyes on in the near future from Brazil?

PR: Alphano, DJ Glen, Underlow are artists that we always play in our sets.

MCBN: If you could tell the Get Real crowd one thing about your show – what would it be?

PR: We want to surprise what matters most… A feast for the ears!

MCBN: What does the Plastic Robots studio look like, what equipment are you using?

PR: We have two Home studios, one in Nando’s apartment and one in Dan’s house.
Monitors from ADAM and JBL 3Series, some controllers, Focusrite sound cards, Ableton Live with plugins and a clean mk2 to listen to some discs. We have a sound engineer who works in partnership in another studio in Curitiba.

MCBN: Tell your dream festival to play at and why?


Dan: Burnin Man: Because it’s unlike any other, an escape for your body and your mind, no bias with anything else

Nando: Movement Detroit. Because it is the cradle of electronic music, besides being an extremely urban festival. I like the underground side. I grew up listening to a lot of influences from this place.

MCBN: Have there been any really solid releases in 2018 that are doing exceptional things on dance floors across the world for you? Which 3 releases are those?

PR: We selected three very different tracks. The first is “Plastic Robots – Triptonite” where the EP contains a remix of talented American producer Steve Darko.
The second is a remix of ours for the track “Kreisler – Break Me Up” and to finish a collab with our friend Malikk on the track called “All It”.

MCBN: Thanks for chatting with us, we’re so excited for your Cape Town return, see you on the Get Real dancefloor on the 5th of May 2018.

PR: Cool, it was a pleasure to share some of our projects with you. It will be very good to see everyone at Get Real. We are already looking forward to it – big beautiful and lovely robot hugs.

With just under 2 week’s to go, prepare yourself for one of the hottest send-offs to the Cape Town summer festival season as Get Real put together a production that will your minds… 

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