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Perfect Stranger is gracing our shores and will be dominating the stage alongside Neelix and Vaishiyas and a host of Cape Town’s finest at the Love and Light festival in early April. Perfect Stranger began his trade in the early 90’s and has been in the game for a long time, travelling the globe, playing at the biggest festivals. Hailing from Israel and growing up with a trance background he was destined for big things. His sound is a rare blend of psycadelic progressive trance and groovy techno tunes that I find very hard to master, we got lucky enough to chat to Perfect Stranger about his up-coming tour of Cape Town and what we can expect.

MCBN: Lets get right into things – How did you get involved in trance DJing/Producing and how did you come up with your name?

Perfect Stranger (PS):I started producing back in 1997 but then it was under the name of BLT and the style was faster and psy trance orientated. Later on around 2004 I quit the project, and a year later started the Perfect Stranger project that was marginally slower at it’s tempo, and had a proggy techy approach to it. The name of Perfect Stranger was influenced by a Psy song called “Perfect Strangers” by Sandman from last Millennium, who was on his turn influenced by Deep Purple band that named one of their songs this way.

MCBN: This is your first time you will be playing in Cape Town, what are you expecting from Cape Town and the trance scene down here?

PS: I really believe that expectations are as some say mothers of all fuckups 😉 I just prefer to come and feel it. I have heard that normally SA public like it’s Trance music fast and furious, but we here in Perfect Stranger labs believe we have the formulae that consists of sounds and presentation that work also on slower bpm.

MCBN: You have played in many countries across the globe, what sticks out for you in your mind as your favourite country to play at and why?

PS: I believe I can safely say that Australia should be my favourite for performing around the globe, and that is because ofcourse they really like my sound, but especially because they are really inspiring, vibey and funny party animals J

MCBN: With travelling and playing in so many countries, this must have led to seeing some crazy things. What is the wildest thing you have seen while behind the decks?

PS: While behind the decks normally you don’t see too many wild things, or at least not wild things that you can talk about in an interview… And you are mostly busy mixing, or turning knobs, or being concerned why the CD is stuck in the CD player… But it’s wild and inspirational also when our nature is getting a bit hardcore on us, and we react in making the party even more crazy than it was before… Check the following link:


It was super hardcore cold rain coming in, and instead of ruining the party for everyone, it made that day one of the best party moments I ever witnessed

MCBN: If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

PS: Ludvig Van Beethoven?

MCBN: What are your top three tracks at the moment?

PS: As you didn’t specify if it’s my music or collabs or in general so I give you my three most preferred Perfect Stranger tracks for the moment:

Antix – Box Of Birds ( Perfect Stranger remix )
Perfect Stranger – A Mosquito Bit My Leg ( A Balter & Eitan Reiter remix )
Juno Reactor – RotorBlade ( Perfect Stranger remix )

MCBN: You create a sound we like to call down here “Psy-tech”. As I said in the intro, you cross a blend of psycadelic progressive trance with groovy techno. Do you see this cross genre growing, artists like yourself, Neelix, Vaishiyas, Flowjob and Ace Ventura have all perfected it and I think it suites that Sunday morning into afternoon Sunday perfectly.

PS: Actually I think this genre has grown pretty outstandingly for last 2 or 3 years already. And the fact that shows it more than anything else are the schedules of the artists you just mentioned. It’s definitely passed the stage of being a “second stage” music or something of the likes. All the major festivals and events today, on every continent, boast with impressive line up of progressive artists playing during the noon time sessions, and some even go further – for example Rainbow Serpent in Australia, has more progressive and techno acts than the traditional psy trance acts and it happens for few years now this way.

MCBN: Do you prefer DJing during the day or night, why?

PS: Definitely during the day. I like the day 😉 I also think my music simply doesn’t fit the night time, as it hasn’t sufficient aggression needed to work out night time dancefloor

MCBN: Who has influenced your production over the years into the sound we hear today?

PS: There are so many… I guess it’s a blend of the time I been doing this, and the ppl I meet on daily basis if it’s in my own country and while touring… And of course artists that I hear their sound and admire their wizardry behind the studio mixers and synths. So there are plenty and the list is pretty endless…

MCBN: What equipment do you use when producing your tracks and how long does it take you to complete a track?

PS: I have Moog Voyager and Virus TI in the studio but I don’t use them at all… I use software and Cubase 5.2 in the studio, and sometimes I make a track in 1 week total, and sometimes it takes me more than a month… Depends on many variables such as touring, passion, stuff that happen around me etc..

MCBN: Thanks for chatting to us, we look forward to seeing you in Cape Town!

PS: And I look forward for coming over!!! Its great to visit a new country and especially one that I heard so much about!! See you soon!!!


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