Interview| Passendjer


MCBN: Thanks for chatting to us. We’d like to know, how did the name Passendjer come about?

Well, myself (Adriaan Louw) and Deon Van Zyl are Passendjer. We decided to just have fun with the project. Nothing serious. We decided on the name on way to Durban in a Rental car. Saw the word Passeger on the dashboard and it sounded pretty cool. We decided to change it up a bit to Passendjer (still pronounced the same).

MCBN: Who are your favourite producers, local and international?

Dj Koze, Oblast, My Nu Leng, Jon Hopkins, JDG, Four Tet, Nicolas Jaar 


MCBN: Have you produced any of your own music? Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Well we are playing around with some ideas. Not planning on launching anything soon but its a platform for us to make whatever we want. We both work in film so making scores for our own films or creating a song we can make a music video for.

MCBN: You must have seen your fair share of crazy antics from behind the decks although usually with a camera in your hand, what do you have anything that stands out as the wildest thing you’ve ever seen?

A So Not Berlin Party in Munich. I was there with Haezer on tour for 2 months and people there go mental. Its really hard to describe. Its sort of Demonic. Crazy energy. Here is a photo to explain… 

Question 1.1

MCBN: What are your top three tracks you enjoy playing at the moment?

Knee Deep In Louise (Original Mix) – Hot Since 82

Everybody – Daniel Portman

Mothership – Oblast

MCBN: If you could play at ANY festival across the world, besides Grietfest of course, where would it be?

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