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Pascal & Pearce

In conjunction with Levi’s and their question of ‘how does music inspire your style’, we sat down with one of SA’s best known music duo’s to find out more around what influenced them, fashion & music, where they see it all going and how they #LiveInLevis

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to chat to us Pascal & Dave, it’s always a pleasure having you guys on MyCityByNight couch for a little chit chat. A quick congratulations is in order on your weekly 5FM residence with ol Roger Goode. Let’s get straight into it why don’t we.

MCBN: First of all, and this is something that is a question on all of our lips at MyCityByNight, but what has driven you to the point at where you are today. What has motivated you and what has pushed you as a duo to keep rising above the rest?

Our drive has always been appreciating what music does for everyone, and that is to ultimately bring happiness. Our motivations are always about making sure that we are learning more everyday and allowing for progression in our sound.

MCBN: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years, what is the Pascal and Pearce plan?

It would be grand if we’re still living the dream! 🙂 We have a lot of plans to play to as many people as possible, but we are patient and believe in taking the right opportunities.

MCBN: This next question is a small follow up to the previous question but where do you see the South African electronic music scene going over the next 5 year?

The future looks bright in South Africa, our parties are attracting the best in the game, and it’s allowing for our producers and djs to really understand first hand what it’s like to party overseas. South Africa has a lot of potential with so many diverse sounds, but it all really depends on how our schools, promoters, sponsors, record labels, agencies, and government interact with the rest of the world.

MCBN: The current state of Electronic Dance Music is continually growing, and finding new ears across the world. Where do you see the scene going internationally?

Asia, South America, and smaller countries like Croatia and even Namibia!

MCBN: Who are a few local artists that we should keep our eyes on, up and comers and professionals a like?

So many friends will be upset with us, hahaha but give these guys’ soundcloud pages a go; Sam World, Mike Kelly, Syzo B, Fever Trails.

MCBN: Do you see your sound changing, and if you do, do you think we could get an idea into the sounds of what Pascal and Pearce might delve into?

Of course, we will always change our sound. We thrive off being versatile, so we try cover most electronic genres.

MCBN: If your music was a Levi’s jean/cut, What would it be?

Dave: Tough call but probably the 508s Tapered cut
Pascal: If you can still get them light blue Original 501s that would be

MCBN: You’ve reach 1 on the 5FM top 40 numerous times now – big up guys, can we expect a new album or will you be working on any new material in the form of singles, remixes and bootlegs?

Thanks! Yes, we are working on an album now that should be out in the second half of theyear.

MCBN: There have been some great fashion and music collaborations in the last few years, what collaboration would love to see?

Mügatu and *Skrillex(*don’t forget Diplo) would be a lag, and great from a selling perspective, but we think we all know who we want to see colab… It might take every bit of fashion unagi left in the world, but if we got Richie Hawtin or R3HAB (depends who is cheaper) to chose the kind of black and Steve Aoki, DJ Snake & FourTet to chose the fabric from their
laptops, combined with fashion king himself Alexander MacRae (founder of the company Speedo). Then ladies, we have the Party Stater (only available in white).

TRADEMARK not really.

MCBN: Do you have any big up coming gigs we could let our fans know about over the next couple of weeks?

We are playing at some really cool shows:

2nd April – Splashy Fen (KZN)

10th April – Showtek @ Shimmy Beach Club (CT)

11th April – Showtek @ Wild Waters Complex (JHB)

17h April  – Above & Beyond @ The Ostrich Farm (CT)

18th April – Above & Beyond @ Nasrec (JHB)

26th April – Future Fusion Festival (POTCH)

30th April  – Super Dry Fashion Show @ Katies Palace (JHB)

8th– 10th May – SA tour with Robin Schulz (DBN) (JHB) (CT)

Also don’t forget to tune into 5fm every Wednesday from 6:30 pm for our weekly mix!

MCBN: How do you feel fashion has influenced music and/or visa versa?

They go hand in hand – look at the Derp Hurz, Tropical/G House scene, it’s like a female Fat Boy slims wet dream.

MCBN: How does music inspire your style?

We listen to a lot of genres of music, so our style is rather fast. We own a lot of music themed t-shirts and scarves!

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