Interview| Pascal & Pearce (We Chat New Remixes & A New Deal With Universal Music SA)

Interview| Pascal & Pearce (We Chat New Remixes & A New Deal With Universal Music SA)


MCBN: Hey Boys, hope you’ve been well! It’s great to be catching up again – we believe that there’s a rather big bit of news that we need to discuss? Let’s not waste any time and get right into it:

Pascal & Pearce: Ola MYCTians! 🙂

All is banging our side, yeah it’s been a while since we last caught up! We trust that all at MCBN are doing schwell! Yes,  we have some very exciting news – in keeping up with all of the recent political drama, we have elected a party to represent our music. We are honoured and proud to announce that we are now represented by  the Universal Music Group (Fam) x


We can now reveal that you guys have also been working on a brand new remix, which was released earlier today. Come on, give us names and song title?

Thank you for making that a good kind of reveal, you had us glued to every word after you used the word reveal! We are super stoked to announce that we have done an official remix for Playmen x Vassy’s track I Should Of Said,  which will be all over iTunes from today! 🙂

Check out the original track music video below:

So how did the opportunity to remix a PLAYMEN x VASSY tune come about?

There is the long story, which is as long as the Nile, but we would rather save that tale for a music video, or for a story by the fire. The opportunity came about on a Monday at 11:25am when we received an email. It was titled FW: Vassy & Playmen – I Should Have Said. Whilst clicking open on the email, we simultaneously Googled the original version. Sometimes when it rains, it pours. For those who are wandering we received the email from the Universal Music Group. We both sighed in relief and instantly proceeded to download the separate parts of the song, even though we knew well enough that it may take the rest of the day to download as the wifi signal was only on two bars. With that in mind we held our phones to the sky in the belief it might give us another bar of signal. After about an hour and an episode of  South Park later,  we had the first 4mb downloaded. Once we had the parts officially downloaded onto the computer it was game on! After seven drafts (not beers) we had what we thought was worthy of sending off for approval. As per usual the feedback process is always the most nervous part, but we got the approval which was pleasing as we really enjoyed working on this project.


We’ve given it a listen and as long standing fans of P&P, we have to say that your sound has evolved and is sounding as tight as ever – when do we get to hear it on a big rig?

Thanks for your kind words, we strive to evolve with sound. We have been looking forward to testing this on a proper rig, so it will probably be at Rage in Ballito on the 28th of November.


Are there any other major projects in the near future that we should know about?

Loads. Come over to the studio for once! We will play you all the new numbers! 🙂


We’re really excited about everything that’s in the pipeline for the foreseeable future, but really want to get down to the important stuff – when are you shooting the next music video? (and can we finally crack the nod to being in it? Even a cameo? We make really good fake barmen.)

Soon. Cool we will hold you to that! 🙂


Where can people buy the remix and stalk you on social media channels?


All social media @pascalandpearce


As always it’s been a pleasure catching up with you – we’ll catch you out and about.

Thanks a lot guys! Rave Safe! P&P 🙂

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