Interview | The Party Republica Founders: Anthony Stroebel & Pascal Ellinas

We’re sitting with the charismatic duo of Anthony Stroebel and Pascal Ellinas, who’ve joined forces to create a playground of fun at the Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay. Commonly known for its well-attended market, the two plan to show you a different side to the market as they plan to turn the place upside for ONE NIGHT ONLY on the 8th of August.  

MCBN: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us guys, we’re just over 2 weeks to go with the event taking place on the 8th of August. This is the first time the Bay Harbour space will be used for an event of this sort. Can you let us how the concept came about and is this a once off event for you two?

P: Hey Guys! Thanks for the interview! To be honest, I was at the Hout Bay Market about a month ago and I saw Anthony there. He mentioned to me that he wanted to throw an event at the market soon, and so we started chatting. It’s been such an exciting project to work on, and we are really looking forward to the event!

A: Pascal and I, in fact, were originally going to do a gig at the market about 5 years ago actually, just after we opened the market, given how amazing the venue is! But we decided to wait until the market had bedded itself down, that time being now.

And yes, we are looking for PartyRepublica to become somewhat of an anticipated event, with a view to maybe doing 3 or 4 a year.

MCBN: What can people who’ll be attending the PartyRepublica event expect on the night? How will you be transforming this magnificent space for a night of music and dancing?

P: It’s the first event like this in Hout Bay. We aiming to create a space where there is a variety of live music that has an upbeat tempo. The rest is a surprise!

A: It goes without saying that the market building is perfectly suited to a party of this nature. We are gonna create some visual and aural magic on the night!

MCBN: If you could describe yourself in a genre of music, what would it be?

P: Thanks for the subtle question, for the sake of the readers, electronic house music.

MCBN: The line up has been curated perfectly for the crowd from live music by local favourites into 5FM chart toppers to end off the night. How did you choose the line up in terms of direction and more specifically the artists on the line up?

P: Hats off to Anthony!

A: we want the party to have broad appeal, specifically for the people of Hout Bay to feel like this is somewhere they can come and have a jol so we’ve chosen quite an accessible lineup of top bands and DJs. At the same time we want to make the CT party people feel like something unusual is going down on the PartyRepublica dance floor! We’ve also made entry over 21s only, specifically for these reasons.

MCBN: Who has the better understanding of 70’s synth pop?

P: I love me some Nile Rodgers, but I think Cold Sweat has me beat on this one! 🙂

A: I think I can give Pascal a run for his money here. I am about 25 years older than him, after all! (Was he even born then??)

MCBN: Ant, this is more for you, but at what insane moment caused you to believe an abandoned factory in the middle of a run down area at the time, would become such a well visited and huge attraction that it is today?

A: The minute I walked into the building in September 2009, albeit that it was completely dilapidated with no roof and various creatures, human and other, were living in the dark corners – it’s got a highly unusual and amazing energy!

MCBN: Pascal, you’ve been known to frequent the space as a market very often, have you had this idea for a long time? How long have you been fantasizing about using the space for an event like this?

P: Yeah I love Bay Harbour market! I was fortunate enough to be at the venue before it was open as the market. So yes it’s been an idea to throw an event there before the market began! Again hats off to Ant and everyone involved there. I’ve only been living in the area for about 6 years now, but in that time I’ve seen such a positive impact the market has made on the community.

MCBN: Ant, how does the Bay Harbour market work with & uplift the local Hout Bay community?

A: We like to think that, in quite an ethereal way, this is ‘the peoples’ ’ market. So often we have traders and staff telling us somewhat emotionally, how the market has changed their lives, some of whom were on ‘the brink’ at the time. We’ve created an amazingly special community here, with a particular focus on the people of Hangberg, whose challenges are severe in terms of the social dynamics that exist there. So at this point we employ close to 150 people from the area. We also have an organisation called Little Angels Child Development Centre in Hangberg that we have ‘adopted, with a percentage of proceeds from PartyRepublica going to them

MCBN: With a venue of this size, will you be limiting tickets to a specific number? We’re already trying to picture how you’re going to use this space.

P: Yes tickets will be limited, so get them while you can!

A: Very limited!

MCBN: You’re going to be having food stalls, fireplaces, multiple bars and chill areas across the venue, what can we expect on the food and drinks front? Which food stalls will be available on the night of the event?

A: Firstly, it’s great that Corona has come on board as a brand partner. We have in fact achieved Corona Lightstone status, which is a great development. We will have several bars throughout the venue and then probably about 8 food traders, ranging from Vagabond Kitchens steak wraps, to Tunisian Delights and Mexican foods

MCBN: Will the usual traders be working on the night of the event or will you be using the space specifically for the event.

A: We are going to be completely re-configuring the space with only 8 food stalls and various beverage stalls open for trading. So it won’t be the market as people know it!

MCBN: Thanks again for taking the time to chat to with us guys, any last words for the readers out there? Feel free to let them know how to contact you, buy tickets for this event and where to find you Facebook.

A: I think this is gonna be something pretty groovy. Tickets available from Quicket and at the Boom Bar at the market.

Tickets are flying….and limited!….so don’t wait!

P: Thanks guys! We are looking forward to seeing you all there! 🙂

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