Interview: Orca (Israel)


MCBN: This is your first time in Cape Town, I can speak for a lot of Capetonians when I say we have been looking forward to this for a long time. What are your expectation of Cape Town and South Africa?

 Orca: I’ve been waiting for this one myself… the feedback I have been getting lately from  Capetonians is super cool and makes me want to come over even more and kill the dance floor. I really see in my imagination a lot of colourful people and high energy all over the place, which I’m sure, will be amazing too 😉 

 MCBN: How long have you been involved in the trance scene and when did you produce your first track?

 Orca: from around 2000, I started collecting music and went to parties. I started making music in 2004 but it took time until the first release which was in 2006-The Magic Medicine. (Editors note: This is one of the best songs ever)

 MCBN: How did you come up with the name Orca?

 Orca: I saw this TV show about the world’s 10 most killer animals. Orca came first and they announced it with a big red letters… ”The Great Orca” and I thought to myself – That is pretty cool –and it stuck ever since

a-Its killer

B-It’s not hard to remember

c-I have a lot of dreams about whales.

So I wrote it down and the next day- Orca was born hehehe.

 MCBN: Which artists inspire you and have influenced your sound over the years?

 Orca: In my early days of Psy, I was into the darker PSY and I really liked Penta’s first album, Digital Talk, Highko, Fungus funk…

Things changed for me when I first saw damage in Israel, it completely changed my way of thinking and I looked for more funky more raw artists. Today the artists that I like are Damage, Digital Talk, Phatmatix, Mindcore, Absolum, Lost and Found and basically the 3D Vision style… These are my biggest influences today.

 MCBN: What are your thoughts on the South Africa psy-trance producers?

 Orca: I have nothing but big respect for SA psy trance. A lot of big names came out of SA and pretty much changed the scene for the better, so I can’t imagine psy today without SA psy.

 MCBN: You must have played in many different countries, what is the biggest party you have played at?

Orca: Doof festival in Israel is my favourite places to play- it was also the biggest party I played at, the biggest crowd and the best energies I have seen in my life!! 

After that I’ll have to say Japan. They sure do know how to party 🙂

MCBN: What’s the craziest thing you have seen while you have been DJ’ing?

Orca: In Japan. I saw the craziest things there. It was just so intense- people there really pushed boundaries and after the party ended I literally saw people on the dance floor, laying still, not moving- super crushed…

For me – crazy is a crowd that works on the dance floor… I really like to see everybody stomping in the same rhythm; it’s amazing to see that from where I stand.

 MCBN: What equipment do you use when producing your music?

 Orca: I use Cubase software and RME Fireface400 sound card.

For instruments, I use Virus TI and Roland V-synth (older  version), I have added Powercore plug-in and love Reactor and Kontakt to complete the production.

 MCBN: I did a little research and found out you are currently working on a techno act. Can you tell us a little bit more about this? It would be awesome to hear you drop a few tech tracks at some of the MMD/Beartrap event.

 Orca: Yeah, I have a techno/prog/whatever you will call it act 🙂 It’s called: Fish n Zone.

In my first days in the trance scene, little bit after the GOA/infected phase and before the full power phase I got more and more into minimal and prog. Now I’m returning to my sources and producing some techy stuff…I really don’t know what style it is yet since I like a lot of things/sounds in techno. I like the proggy feeling but I also like the roughness of techno. So I’m still working on defining my sound. My biggest struggle now is to let go from what I know about producing psy because psy is not minimal (at least not the psy I like)so I really need to focus on 1-2 ideas per track and not go all over the place hehe but that will happen in time I guess. I still don’t know if I can play these tracks yet, it’s only the beginning and it’s coming slower now that I am working on the Orca album. You can hear it Fish and Zone on

Click here:

MCBN: Do you prefer playing at night or during the day? Why?

Orca: I like playing at sunrise- It’s just a great time of the party, all the faces clear up and everybody see who was digging near them all night and the weather is perfect for stomping.i don’t mind playing during daytime also, as long as I got crowd.

MCBN: What can we expect from your set? We are hoping for a full on psychedelic powerful sunset rise set.

Orca: You can expect a lot of humour, funny samples and a lot of heavy psychedelia…

I’m bringing a lot of new tracks, all the tracks from my next album. They will all be included in my Cape Town set along with some great collaboration I made with Technodrome and Damage. I don’t know if I’ll put tracks from F.O.F (Fist of Fury album) though. I have a lot to put in 2 hours and I want to give the crowd things they don’t know yet, along with some tracks they do know. It’s going to be a mix up of my newest tracks and the most recent ones before those tracks.

One thing I can say- It’s going to be hard work for you guys on the dance floor 🙂

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  1. Awesome interview!

    ORCA sounds like a legend, have also been waiting to see him for ages! Gonna be mental.
    Hearing his influences and favs… Shit he couldn’t be more spot on with my taste!

    ORCA please play magic medicine! One of my fav tracks of all time! 🙂

    see u on the dancefloor

  2. James: This is what we have been waiting for. I am definitely going to ask him, as a BIG favour to drop Magic Medicine, BEST SONG EVER 🙂

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