Interview | Oliver Koletzki (GER)

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We were lucky enough to catch up with Oliver Koletzki during his extremely busy South African tour. We caught up and chatted about the Burn, a bit more about the Burn, his secret weapons at the moment and what you can expect from his set at the Spirit Train Decompression this Saturday at the Train Lodge where he’ll be supported by Luke Redford, Seth Schwartz, Jimbo Jones & Ali B…

MCBN: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us between your very heavy South African schedule. You’ve got quite a few gigs you’re playing at The Burn & a tour around South Africa. Are you excited for your debut tour?

Oliver Koletzki (OK): Thank you! I am extremely excited to be in South Africa for the first time, as I had heard so many good things and 
I’ve always wanted to come over. Although I am playing quite a few gigs, I still have the chance to explore your beautiful country a bit. 

MCBN: How’s your tour been so far and what have been the highlights you will be taking home with you?

OK: The club shows have been very good, but AfrikaBurn really was something else. It was easily the best festival I have attended or played at. The crowd was extremely nice, the vibe was amazing. At the moment, I can’t quite yet put in words how great an experience it was. 

MCBN: As we mentioned in the first question, you’re playing a few gigs at Afrikaburn and the post burn decompression on the Spirit Train. Have you got all your sets planned out or will you be going into the desert and taking each set as they come?

OK: I don’t plan my sets in advance but I do prepare, especially for gigs in special settings such as AfrikaBurn. So I have been collecting tracks that I thought will fit the vibe of the festival. 
MCBN: What are your top three secret weapons at the moment, what tracks are really doing the dance floors justice at the moment?

OK: ANNA – Redemption, Third Son – Alaska, Ron Costa – Tochi

MCBN: Which up and coming artists do you have your eyes on, anyone we should be watching in the near future?

OK: You should really check out Reinier Zonneveld, who has done two techno EPs on my label Stil vor Talent recently. He’s a young artist from The Netherlands, who is extremely productive and very talented. Several Definitions from Switzerland is another one to watch.

MCBN: Can we expect an album in 2016 or is touring a major part of your schedule at the moment? 

OK: I am currently writing on a new album, but it won’t be released until next year. Touring is always a big part of my schedule – when I get back from South Africa I only have one day at home before I head over to the US to play 8 shows. This year I’ve already toured Australia and Asia. But generally, I hit the studio almost every day when I am home in Berlin.

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