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Neelix Interview

MCBN: How long have you been an unbelievably awesome and totally gifted dj for?

Neelix: I started DJing in 1996 but honestly only for two gigs… then I decided already to produce my own music. I started seriously to produce music in 2001, I bought my own computer and my first keyboard. Since then I try to produce every day. It’s a kind of a drug for me. I really can relax best when I produce music.

MCBN: We’ve heard you play a blend of sounds that we struggle to put a label on. How would you describe the style of music that play?

Neelix: I think the music I do has until now no real name. It’s a mix of progressive trance, pop and elektro. In my case it’s a bit strange because I cannot plan where and when the track is gonna end.

It’s always different. Some producer can plan what they want to create, when I do my own music I cant do that, but I sometimes produce tracks for others, and then I can do what ever they want 🙂

MCBN: You’ve played in some amazing places around the world- to date, where have you enjoyed yourself the most?

Neelix: For sure in Australia where I am right now. The people here are really nice and different to all over the world. I just love it here, especially the Maitreya Festival which is super funny. For example they started a group on Facebook two years ago “pants-off for Neelix” the idea is that when I start to perform everyone has to be in underwear, me aswell 🙁 – but it was funny, almost 300 people did it. That can happen only in Australia! 

MCBN: As a fairly chilled out German guy, did you ever think you’d be slamming a set to a couple thousand very “up for it” South Africans at the tip of the Mother Continent of Africa?

Neelix: No, not really. It was honestly not my plan to become a musician. I started only because my flat mate had a computer with logic on it and I don’t like to watch television all day. I never thought that this would be possible. Thanks to everyone out there who has supportted me because now I know what I wanna do with my life 🙂

MCBN: Electronic music is becoming more and more mainstream every year, do you ever think its going to get to the stage where every show on normal national around the World has at least two straight up electronica (Neelix preferably) tracks in every hour?

Neelix: I think not. What we listen to and what I do is still underground music. I had once a track called “voices” which was really successful, they played this song on the German radio and on the television in some daily soaps but only because this track was in a famous german movie and the soundtrack of this movie includes this track. I would love to hear some progressive trance tracks on radio but in the near future but it will not happen.

MCBN:If you could have 3 people in your entourage dead or alive, who would they be and why would they be there? 

Neelix: Charlie Sheen, Britney spears and Lindsey Lohan for sure… NOT!
Johnie Depp, Bill Murray and J Hunter Thomson … maybe 🙂

I would travel with Shereen Shabana from UK, because she is the new voice in some tracks of mine and I would love to know her personally.

Jim Morrison, because I wanna know the truth about his whole life and the experience he made.

And Albert Einstein – for sure. I am a huge fan of his work… Not that I really understand what he was talking about but it still fascinate me!

But when these both crazy guys bother me I would go for a drink with Shereen 🙂

MCBN: Do you prefer playing at outdoor festivals or at indoor venues?

Neelix: Outdoor! Most of the times the heavy flashing lights in clubs make me feel bad. I love open air parties that you can go around and see all the nice people and talk to them. In a club it’s too loud and too dark.

MCBN: If you were forced to choose one- would you play during the day or… at night?

Neelix: Day time

MCBN: Would you ever collaborate with Justin Bieber?

Neelix: No, never. I don’t like these crazy new television products. There are singers out there that deserve it more, he is nothing special…

MCBN: We absolutely love the way you incorporate samples into your set, ensuring that when you play it feels like an authentic “live” experience. Do you plan your set out before hand or does it pretty much just flow out through your fingertips based on the crowd and setting?

Neelix: To be honest, I arrange the set before the party. When I do the arrangement, I can’t change it any more. It’s not like a lot of people think. I can’t change that much when I do my live set. I can throw in some extra add ons and put some loops in. The real live sets I do in the aircraft for example, there I can change the break or completely re arrange the tracks. When I start at this stage I just hope that the things I do sound good 🙂

MCBN: Do you prefer dogs or cats?

Neelix: Dogs, I love dogs… I had some when I was a child

MCBN: Do you have anything that you’re particularly afraid of or dislike? I don’t like birds- I’m convinced one day they’re going to kill us all.

Neelix: No, not really. I don’t believe in superstitious because if you do believe this -things can turn bad very easy.

MCBN: What is your favourite track right now?

Neelix: Peter gabriel “the book of love”

MCBN: Thanks so much for chatting to us Neelix and we are really looking forward to your set at the Love and Light festival.


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