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MCBN: I have heard you guys playing a lot more psy tech direction. Are you guys focusing on this kind of sound or what can we expect?

We see a link between techno and Progressive Trance, our first love is Techno and it will always be, but we also grew up going to trance parties in Cape Town and that has definitely influenced our sound.

We have started to be booked to play between a Techno act and a Psy- Trance act more and more, which is perfect for us so we can progress from techno into a Psy-tech sound. Not Many others do that so we are happy to be the ones for the job 🙂

MCBN: What do you think about the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival?

It’s about time Cape Town had an ‘Urban’ Music Festival, we really can’t wait till we earn the chance to play at the CTEMF in the future. We are really excited for the event and hopefully it finally puts us on the map internationally.

MCBN: How has your residency at the 3rd wave helped The Fogshow progress?

Playing at Sapphire is a pleasure, it has a beautiful sound system, great Cdjays and mixer, the crowd at Sapphire are music lovers and it’s in such a pleasant place. So having a residency there on Thursdays, (besides ruining Fridays for the last 2 years) has been really good for us. A lot of people are starting to associate the Fogshow with Techno which is great and we have been able to play alongside South Africa’s Best Techno acts, who we have learnt a great deal from.

Another benefit is we are constantly forced to buy new music every week, which has now allowed us to build a huge library of lossless audio tracks, as every set you hear fogshow play will be in WAV.

MCBN: Your top 3 gigs so far?

Love & Light Festival with Neelix & Symphonix in January

Opening for Daydin at Trinity Cape Town

Playing at the Cape Town Konnektion event in Mauritius

MCBN: Who has been your biggest help in your career?

We have to say thank you to

Paul Sprecher, Raymond Bloom, Ivan Turanjanin and Agathe Desvaux.

Thanks for taking a risk with us, and showing us some faith, we are aiming to make you guys look like visionaries.

Also, thanks to Sapphire music bar, that place has become our home base.

MCBN: Can we expect any production from you two in the near future?

Definitely, we accept that Djing is a very unique skill and not all producers are good dj’s, but it is a natural progression for us to have started producing our own tracks, we hope to release our first track sometime this year. We are pretty excited about it.

MCBN: When can our readers see you guys in action next?

Every Thursday for the 3rd wave at Sapphire, but this weekend we are playing at the Butterbox party held at Trinity.

Zets to the world

Downloadable Fogshow Mix:

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Competition Time:

We have also been given two tickets to Butterbox this Saturday and a TABLE & BOTTLE of Tequila for you and your friends at Sapphire this Thursday. All you have to do is like The Fogshow’s fan page (CLICK HERE) and comment below once you have done that!


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  1. Nice one guys! I personally would like to hear more parties playing full days full of psy tech with you guys on the bill (just like L&L). Downloading now 🙂

  2. AMPED its my earthday wednesday…this would highly aid me in going harder and havin a GREAT time my birthday weekend sick SICK beats along with tequillaaa jammin holes in the d-flo cant go wrong!!the hookup would be most appreciated peace one love

  3. Nice one guys, thanks for the interview and the awesome mix. Show them how it’s done at Butterbox this weekend. Should be a rocker!

  4. Completely frothing for butterbox this weekend! Am finally in cape town for it and can’t wait:) and sapphire Thursday! Am there EVERY single Thursday because the music and vibe is too rad 🙂 so how’s some tickets and a bottle of tequuuiiilllaaa 🙂

  5. We have announced the winner for the Butterbox ticket give away and the bottle and table for Sapphire. Well done to Khaya for winning the double tickets to Butterbox and the table and booze at Sapphire.

    Check your email.

    Nice one!

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