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MCBN: How did you guys meet up and create the end product we see today, Mix n Blend?

MnB: Kev n I basically blew up a chem lab together in standard 7. We knew Ross from school and when we got to Cape Town just got into messing around with music,joined  up with the African Dope guys who took us in and taught us a lot, and then yeah just basically accumulated samplers and more music and made more beats until almost 10 years later here we are, still pulling silly dance moves on stage.

MCBN: Explain what “a day in the life” of Mix n Blend entails?

MnB: Weelll..this morning for instance was for me (Jon) a six o clock surf at Llands, knocking the shit out of my ribs there so I can  barely move without moaning like a bitch, then getting back, doing a lot of web work and booking admin, facebook page updates, answering interviews and stuff and then hopefully getting some music made before the obligatory day end drink.

Kevin if I had to guess is probably creating the 70th version of a sound effect for an ad at his work ,sound design and composition at Resonate Audio at the brewery. He’ll probably only be back around 8 I guess.

MCBN: You have just released your latest EP’s, would you mind telling us about it?

MnB: Well they’re drum n bass, it’s a genre we’d never really tackled before and we like taking on new genres, it has some amazing musicians on it, Bosko from the Beams on a track called Narona, Sindi Dondolo who did the vocals on ‘Shall we Swing’ on a track called ‘Lost’ which is super soulful, and then a track with Crosby called Joy which is a reggae , roller kind of vibe. You can grab them off for about 40.00 rand for the whole pack I think.

Mix n Blend – Joy feat. Crosby by mixnblend

MCBN: Your sets at both Rocking The Daisies and Synergy were both very memorable for the guys at MyCityByNight, what parties stick out in your mind as favourites for you?

MnB: Wow, um Sakifo festival in Reunion was insane last year, French people going crazy in the rain and an all round magical experience with our full 6 piece band, our First Oppikoppi we ever played live, definitely when we had to play after Q-bert a couple of years ago at Assembly and um, the two launches, our album, and the new ep launch at Homegrown in December. That night rinsed.

MCBN: Where are you favourite spots in Cape Town to chill out?

MnB: We’re lazy so Narona which is just round the corner from our house, Rafiki’s sometimes I guess, Julep off Long has a pretty nice vibe for a quiet drink, Neighbourhood, um yeah I don’t know, wherever we can get a drink I spose.

Mix n Blend – Narona feat. Boško Popovac by mixnblend

MCBN: You have played at a few major festivals in and around South Africa, where too from here? Could we see Mix n Blend taking their trade overseas?

MnB: Well that’s where we want to get to now… Europe or America or wherever. We just need a new album and to then hit up as many of our contacts over there as we can. It’s a bit late for this year. We also need some way to get around having a green passport, it really is not conducive to travelling overseas in the EU.

MCBN: Who would win in an arm wrestle battle between you guys?

MnB: Kevin for definite, the guy is built like a brick shithouse. 10 years of subscriptions to Mens Health and reading their monthly ‘how to get better abs in five days’ pays off after a while. He call’s it ‘fitness through osmosis’.

MCBN: Who has influenced your sound throughout your time producing? Local and international acts?

MnB: Wow man, so many people. We like so many different genres and things we can’t really say one or two people. We play everything from James Brown to Max Romeo to Caspa to Camo & Crooked. Locally I’d say, Honey B, Fletcher Roach and that whole crew were definitely the people we looked up to.

MCBN: What equipment do you use when producing beats?

MnB: Well either Ableton or Cubase as a Sequencer, some softsynths, a Virus A, juno 60, a Korg stage echo and some decent monitors. Good monitors and treatment are the most important thing you can spend on as a producer I think.

MCBN: What are your top three tracks at the moment?

MnB: My Itunes at the moment seems to say:

–          Billy Caldwell – what you won’t do for love

–          DJ Fresh – lassitude

–          Dank – The game needs me

MCBN: Let’s say that for some unknown and HIGHLY unlikely reason, music was wiped off the face of the earth. What would you do?

MnB: Get seriously seriously drunk I spose 🙂

MCBN: If you could get drunk with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

MnB: Well cos I seem to have been listening  to a Lot of their stuff this week, I’m going to go with Jimmy Page.

MCBN: Now for the infamous “Would You Rather” question? Would you rather be a Friday night Resident DJ at Tin Roof for the next 12 months?


Would you rather open up at the next five of your outdoor festival gigs with an un-remixed version of YCMA?

MnB: Definitely YMCA.  YMCA is one of Kevin’s favourite songs of all time, so yeah I don’t think that would really be a problem.

MCBN: Thanks very much Jon and Kev, we are looking forward to getting messy and losing it on a dance floor with you guys again soon!

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