Interview & Mix | Harael Salkow (Soul Candi)

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We caught up with the man behind Soul Candi and it’s success, Harael Salkow to chat about life, the industry and where to find the craziest fans.

MCBN: What was the first record you ever bought?

Harael: An old drum and bass record on hospital recordings

MCBN: You’ve been involved in the South African dance music scene for years, when was electronic music strongest?

Harael: It seems to be growing every day

MCBN: There has been a huge amount of advancement in the technology surrounding music, do you think it’s a good thing that it has become so easy to dj nowadays?

Harael: Yes – but more so the advances in production tech have reduced the barrier to entry for newcomers and have levelled the playing field in some ways for up and coming acts/ producers

MCBN: You’ve played at some memorable parties in the past, what stands out as the best gig you’ve ever played at and why?

Harael: One of the h20 gigs where i played the smaller floor, the atmosphere that day was just incredible

MCBN: What is your favourite tune right now? (the one that just tears dancefloors to pieces)

MCBN: Are there any big projects coming up this year that we should look out for?

Harael: Spring Fiesta 2013 and a new Micasa album 🙂

MCBN: You’re head honcho of Soul Candi, what is the best advice that you can give to aspiring djs and people wanting to get involved in the music industry?

Harael: Make sure you’re fully committed before you start making any sacrifices

MCBN: Who was the first artist you signed to Soul Candi?

Harael: I don’t remember

MCBN: If we want to find out more about your upcoming gigs and the happenings at Soul Candi where can we go?


MCBN: There has been a massive house music revival over the course of the last 2 years or so. Any ideas why so many people are into house music again?

Harael: The soul gets what the soul wants

MCBN: If there was one artist that you could work with on a track, who would it be and why?

Harael: Daft Punk

MCBN: Now for our infamous Would You Rather question –

Would you rather play a set in your undies and gold body spray

or instead

Be forced to play Bieber remixes back to back with Nataniel at a tween (like under 13) birthday party?

Harael: Nataniel seems like a fun guy, is alcohol allowed?

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