Interview | Locnville (CB Presents)

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MCBN: What’s up guys, good to chat to you. Let’s get straight to business… CB, tell us about it. What is CB Presents and what does it stand for?
Andrew: On a literal basis, CB stands for ContraBanned which is a company that we founded when we were much younger for publishing purposes. It’s now grown into our own production house, label and now an events company. In a more poetic sense, CB Presents stands for a uniquely African show with an international and world class appeal. 
MCBN: Talk us about what we can expect on Sunday at Shimmy, will we be expecting new material from all of the acts on the night? We heard you guys have got some new beats ready to unleash on the Cape Town crowd.
Andrew: Yeah, this is really exciting. We’re debuting an entirely new and unheard EP titled CB Presents: African Icon Vol.1 which will be the first in a series. The EP is a 5 track showcase of what CB has been up to in the studio, so it’s a compilation of CB artists and material. So to answer the question, there will be quite a bit of new material as well as all the hits you know. 
MCBN: 2017 is going to be a big year for South African musicians, what can we expect from you guys & the rest of the CB project? 
Andrew: 2017 is all about CB and what it has to offer. We’re really focusing on getting new music for all artists out as well as venturing into uncharted territory in other facets of the industry. It’s a really exciting time. 
MCBN: You guys are collaborating with South African’s finest artists and some of the most up and coming influential talents, who should we be keeping our eyes on in the near future?
Andrew: That’s a really good question, there’s always some hot new talent to look out for in this fast changing scene. To be honest, and I know it’s biased, but look out for Chad Da Dons new material. It’s something truly unique. 
MCBN: Talking about collaboration, which South African artist would you like to work with & why (That you haven’t worked with before?)

Andrew: I’d love to do some stuff with Nasty C and AKA. They’re also bringing something unique to the African Hip Hop Industry. 
MCBN: CB Presents kicks off this Sunday, what can expect from this show, is there a nationwide tour or is this a ONCE OFF Cape Town show? 
Andrew: In the beginning we were only focusing on bringing this once off to Cape Town but the feedback and response has been so great that we’ve decided to take the show national and eventually across the waters! 
MCBN: We’re inquisitive guys over here at MyCityByNight & hungry, so if we were to come over to your house for dinner, what would you make us?
Andrew: A recent addition to my cooking arsenal is mean ass Chili Poppers. I’m also a huge fan of Asian style cuisine, so there would be a lot of that! 
MCBN: What are your thoughts on the current South African music scene, we’d love to hear what your thoughts are, and where do you see it going? The talent pool is growing and growing by the day down here in the South of Africa. 
Andrew: The SA Music Industry is honestly the most exciting to me. Everyone focuses on what’s going down in the states, but to be honest it’s all the same shit and labels are scared to back something that’s new. I feel like SA is such an merging market, that unique and interesting art is forming.
MCBN: You guys are super active throughout the week, give us a day to day run down of the life of Locnville
Andrew: Almost everyday involves brainstorm sessions at the studio and then at least attempting to make a new smash. That’s always the goal. Other than, we really try to keep active which involves a lot of boxing training. When we not doing any of that, we’re out on the road doing shows! 
MCBN: Lastly, who are some artists we can see the CB team collaborating with throughout the course of 2017/2018, we’re keen to see some dope shit.
Andrew: We’ve got some amazing colabs lined up with Moonchild Sanelly, Tresor Riziki and Anatii just to name a few. Stay tuned, we’ve got a shit load more coming! 

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