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MCBN: Howsit Lewis & Bander. We’ve noticed that you guys have been playing a few b2b sets in Cape Town over the past few weeks. Do you wanna tell us a bit about it and how this idea first began?

L & B: Our first gig playing together was about three or four years back at Origin night club in Durban. We grew up together back in KZN and have always had a similar taste in music. Our first set went down so smoothly and we were perfectly in sync with each other without even preparing a set beforehand. From that day forward we never looked back at playing separately again when we had the chance. Lewis recently moved to Cape Town from Durban to pursue his music career and other projects which we are currently working on.

MCBN: What are your guy’s main influences when it comes to music? Anything other than from what you play out at your gigs?

L & B: We are both very open minded when it comes to different styles and genres of music. Anything from Hip Hop, Old School Funk, Lounge, Jazz to Electronica. Our main preference of music would still be old school Hip-Hop. It’s what we grew up listening to.

MCBN: What is your goal you guys are looking to achieve together? Can we expect a new project alias coming soon or will you be sticking with Lewis & Bander?

L & B: We’ve been producing together for the last few years and actually have quite a few unfinished projects which we should have released. I’m sure most Producers can relate to this… At the moment we currently working on a few new singles and EP’s together which we will be releasing in the next few months, and yes you can definitely expect an alias from us. We’ve been keeping this very undercover for a while now but soon the time will come…

MCBN:  What makes you guys decide to play a particular record during one of your sets? Do you just wing it or plan most of your sets when you play together?

L & B: We’ve never really planned a set before in the past to be completely honest. We mostly attempt to show up and blow up!  Just kidding…

We feel comfortable doing it this way at times. Carrying USB’s with a vast selection of heat seekers so we can read and adapt to the crowd dancing in front of us. 

When it comes to uploading a radio mix or something similar, then we would obviously plan a set accordingly.

MCBN: In your eyes, what do you guys think of South Africa’s music scene and how much Techno has particularly grown in general?

L & B: South Africa’s techno scene is definitely thriving at the moment. The festivals which are being held and the International artist’s which are being brought down as of late have been quite impressive, to say the least. It’s amazing to see this happening and watch our countries electronic scene grow bigger and better each year. There is also such amazing music being produced locally at the moment. A lot of local producers are getting signed to very big international labels. It’s great to see the local talent being recognized on an international scale. 

MCBN: What Software & Hardware do you guys use whilst producing & working in the studio together?

L & B: We both have very basic bedroom studios with a basic set up. The DAW we use is Cubase. It’s what we most comfortable with and it’s the software we both got taught on when we studied at Soul Candi. A live act between the two of us is also something on our minds for the near future.

MCBN: Who are some of your favourite local producers at the moment?

L & B: Hmmm… Our favourite local producers at the moment would be Ryan Murgatroyd, Mike Kelly, Levi Botes (Sides), ShelO, Stab Virus, Dark light and Jimmy Chronic, just to name a few. The list goes on… These were just a few that came to mind


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