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MCBN: The question that has everyone asking, how did Lab start all those 8 years ago? We immediately think back to the Wreck & Fuel days, things have grown since then, haven’t they?

The good ol’ days! Yeah, Wreck & FUEL – the original bad boys 😉 The scene was completely different … very underground, very niche… but the inspiration for LAB came from a passion and a love for the music, the sub-culture, and the people! The idea was to bring friends and like-minded psy-lovers together to party to the best psytrance music and DJ’s each and every week. LAB has just grown bigger over the years – but the original passion hasn’t changed!

MCBN: What type of sound can we expect from a Labyrinth party?

Our music policy, since the very first party 8 years ago, has been to showcases only the best in psychedelic music – ranging from minimal techno, through to groovy progressive, right through to slamming full-on Psy. A night at LAB is always about a journey – the Dj’s and the music reflects this.

MCBN: At which venue did Labyrinth premiere, and where has it found its permanent home??

LAB started at Opium, using a secret entrance that no one knew about! We were there for 2 years, after which we moved to The Bang Bang Club for a month, before settling at Fiction for over a year. After that, we were at Rhino Room for a short while, and then after a few one-off events at various venues and locations, we have settled at Trinity for the past 2-3 years – its been quite a ride!

MCBN: Can you name some international acts who have graced the Cape Town decks throughout the 8 years of Lab?

D-Nox, Eskimo, Abomination, Skazi, Atomic Pulse, Taka, Shane Gobi, Pogo, Paul Taylor… plus a few others I’m sure I’m forgetting … 😉

MCBN: What can we expect from the Labyrinth brand in the future? Continue the indoor madness or could we expect an outdoor anytime soon?

Our mantra has recently become “bringing the outdoors indoors”! We look to expose new people to the psy-trance music and culture that we love so much! Whether we do this through indoor or outdoor events doesn’t matter to us – its about the experience, the quality, and about having a good time, and we have proven we can do this in ANY environment! For now – we’ll keep to the indoor scene for this winter… but who knows… an outdoor is certainly on the horizon 😉

MCBN: What would your ideal line-up be, internationals or locals & who?

To be honest – my ideal LAB line-up would be the acts and DJ’s that we do already book! Our “locals” make up some of the world’s most in demand “intertnationals” … guys like Broken Toy, The Commercial Hippies, Headroom, Shift, Deleriant (to name a few), are all Cape Town based yet spend more time touring overseas than otherwise! Obviously I have some fav’s from overseas too … but the biggest and best parties we have ever had have always been when it’s an all local line-up, our guys know the crowd & give them exactly what they want! … Cape Town psy kicks-ass, period!

MCBN: What are your thoughts on the future of indoor psychedelic parties? Will they keep evolving or could we see a new type of party, cross genre so to speak, that is happening in Cape Town?

Cross genre has always been our definig factor; in fact we were one of the first brands to have 2 dancefloors, one of the first to bring in the proggresive sound (8 years ago) and one of the first to bring in the techno sound (Killer Robot actually hosted our second floor at our 2nd birthday).

Currently there are loads of competitors and many more immitators in the scene, but at the end of the day, versatility and evolution are key. So long as the quality never faulters, the brand will survive.

The future is exciting! More and more organisers are throwing events, which gives the public more choice as to what they can attend. LAB has always been a pioneer when it comes to indoor events, we are the longest running after all 😉

MCBN: Ricky Bynight has just started his DJing career. How would he go about getting a set at Lab? Do you guys choose DJ’s on merit, if they’re currently doing a good job in the scene? How does it work?

Ricky!! When ravers become DJ’s – haha 😉 Just kidding!

For anyone interested in playing at our events, firstly – come to our parties, and show your support of what we do. Secondly – do your homework (make mix tapes / demo CD’s / soundcloud / mixcloud profiles). Thirdly – build a following (grow your fan-base & market yourself), and finally practice practice practice – good mixing and an understanding of your place on a line up are essential skills in this industry (and two things we really look for in a artist).

To be honest, it was easier to host new talent at LAB when we ran weekly parties, as there was more opportunity to vary the line-ups, and host a greater number of guest DJ’s. Now with only 3 events this season, we are limited by the number of acts we can host each night, so look to provide only the highest quality music and line-ups that we can!

Having said that, LAB was built on the back of up-and-coming DJ’s (APM who started out with us at the begininng & has since grown into the mega brand HEADROOM), so we are always open to new acts, and encourage people to send us their music and demos all the time!

MCBN: Can we expect any international acts this winter?

YES! We have them playing ALL the time (they just happen to be based in Cape Town) – haha! As I have said we do prefer a purely local line up, our guys really are some of the worlds best – why wouldn’t we?

For me personally; its not a question of booking some no-name “overseas” DJ to prove that we have a good line-up, if we bring someone from another country it will be because they have serious pedigree & something unique to add to our event.

Take our birthday for example; we have Broken Toy & The Commercial Hippies, both doing live sets. These acts have released numerous albums worldwide, and toured EVERYWHERE! Gokon Rave have released with Spin Twist, Danalog with Perfect Stranger’s label Digital Structures, and I have released with Iboga & Plastik Park along the way too!

So to answer your question; internationals are not off the cards BUT for now our crew are doing just fine 😉

MCBN: Thanks for chatting to us and congrats on 8 years in scene!

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