Interview | The Kiffness ahead of Plus1 Festival


The Kiffness will be playing live at the very first annual Plus1 Festival- Art Marries Music next week. So we decided to get in touch with the founder of the groovy duo, David Scott and chatted early beginnings, our click bait, their new album and his Valentine’s Day plans… for us.

MCBN: This is your first interview with MyCityByNight, so tell us a bit more about yourself, where did you grow up and what’s your favourite thing about that place?

DAVID: I am colour blind and I am from Jo’burg. The best thing about Jo’burg has to be the free window washes at the traffic lights.

MCBN: You’re quite the talented guy David, at what age did you first get into music, who were your influences as a kid and how many instruments can you play?

DAVID: I was just one year old when I got into Notorious B.I.G. Jokes, one of my earliest memory’s is of sitting in my cot as a 1-year-old. My mom would put on Handel’s water music & I used to imagine a story for each movement as I listened (to). Those are & always will be fond memories – my mind was so pure & innocent. I often feel like the point of being an adult is to try and rekindle that innocence.

Anyway, growing up I taught myself how to play the piano. My grandmother (who I never met) was a concert pianist and she left us a baby grand piano that I used to just mess around on as a kid. I learned how to play trumpet in junior school, and in high school, I picked up guitar, bass & drums. Although I enjoyed playing in orchestras, I never enjoyed the confines of classical music & so I tended towards jazz as I found it allowed for a lot of self-expression.

I distinctly remember hearing St. Germain for the first time at a restaurant – I asked the manager what the music was & he burnt it onto a disc for me. I went home and listened to the album on repeat. I couldn’t believe how cool this music was that I was hearing – I had never heard jazz being fused with electronic drums and loops like that before. Through my brother, I also got into the french electronic band “Air” – their music helped me cope in boarding school. And then when I got to matric my brother introduced me to Goldfish for the first time & fell in love with their music. He ended up doing a few of their music videos. When I saw them performing for the first time at the Rhodes Street Party in 2007 I knew that I wanted to do something similar. Their second album “Perceptions of Pacha” was a great source of inspiration.

MCBN: Who are you currently listening to? Top 3 on your playlist right now?

DAVID: 1. My inner voice. 2. My wife. 3. My parents


MCBN: What are your thoughts are on the status quo of the SA music scene and where do you see it in 5 years?

DAVID: Musicians in SA seem to be pretty amicable & I feel like a lot of promoters have been taking advantage of that for too long. I also think, generally speaking, musicians are too silent on societal injustices for fear of what their fanbase will think if they take a stance. In the future, I think musicians will take less crap from promoters & be more outspoken. When I say “Musicians” I am pretty much just speaking for myself. I hope I speak for others too.  

MCBN: You’ve done some amazing collaborations during your career but whose still on your bucket list to collaborate with? Locally and internationally.

DAVID: All the collabs I have done in the past have happened very organically, so I wouldn’t want to force anything.

MCBN: You’re infamously known and loved at the same time on your social media channels for having a very opinionated say on topical pieces of content and issues both nationally and globally. So we’re keen to know what your thoughts on the current state of affairs globally? And what would you say to the youth who are feeling rather dismal about it all right now?

DAVID: I would like to tell people who are feeling dismal to just follow your dreams & just be yourself.

MCBN: Okay so on a lighter note, what’s your plans with wifey for Valentine’s Day this year? Plus1 Festival- Art Marries Music being a great place to start obviously.

DAVID: I want to know… what are your plans? Buying all my albums seems like a good place to start don’t you think? Lol.

MCBN: We’re super excited to see you live at this year’s first annual Plus1 Festival – Art marries Music. How do you feel about being one of the first musicians to play at this grand affair?  

DAVID: me: say something like “well wow, it’s a really huge honour etc…”

DAVID: inner me: Just be honest and say “I’m just going to go to that festival & play that gig like any other gig.”

DAVID: It’s a really huge honour, wow. Thanks guys.

MCBN: We always love to know what goes on backstage before a show, do you ever get nervous and do you have any pre-stage rituals?

DAVID: If I do get nervous then I remind myself that nervousness is triggered by the exact same place in your brain that tells you when you’re excited. So I just tell myself “bro, you’re not nervous, you’re actually just flippen excited” and then I’m amped & play super kiffly.    

MCBN: Describe your new album in 3 words.

DAVID: Very song. Nice.

MCBN: Describe Raiven in 3 words.

DAVID: Much Saxophone. Handsome.

MCBN: What would you cook for MyCityByNight if we came over dinner?   

DAVID: I would cook you the click bait which you always leave on my timeline. You won’t believe what I’ll make you for desert – click here to find out —->                      

MCBN: Lastly what do you have to say to all the people attending Plus1 Festival this year? What can they expect and what do you hope they take from your live show?

DAVID: I would like to say “Hello Plus1 festival people, I look forward to playing this gig for you.”

The people at Plus1 can expect a nice show.

If there’s anyone there that is feeling down, my sincere hope is that their burden will feel lighter after watching our show.


There you have it, boys and girls, don’t be dismal, be you, be kiff and be at Plus1 Festival- Art Marries Music for a nice show where the Kiffness will play songs that are very song… and nice. To get tickets and for more info click the links below and don’t forget to bring the love, the smiles and all the wiggles. See you all next week! Oh yes, we almost forgot, something-something about follow the Kiffness for more Kiffness here you go:


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