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All words by ANG

What are you looking forward to most about visiting South Africa and how much do you know about the country?

It’s a new country for us so we’re excited to see what South Africa has to offer. Definitely looking forward to seeing some beautiful scenery and meeting some new people.

Having grown up together and sharing your formative musical years, how have your individual tastes and personalities influenced each other creatively?

There is definitely a certain level of synergy with our influences, having known each other for such a long time we like a lot of the same stuff. It’s great to vibe of each others personal taste and to some extent that comes across in the music.

You’ve chosen to focus on the aesthetic and visual identity associated to your music rather than focusing on the people behind the music. Why did you choose this approach?

We’re producers, and going from producing in our room, to being at the front of it all was maybe something we weren’t necessarily ready for at the time. We put the videos, music and art at the forefront because we’d put so much hard work into them and those are the things that will be judged. I think that allows your creations to be judged on their own merit instead your personal image having an influence.

What are the benefits of performing as a duo versus with a band and which option allows the most freedom in a performance?

We’ve performed as a band from the start and I think performing in that manner gives us a greater amount of freedom. There’s so much energy playing with five of your mates around you, all enjoying that same moment.

Do you prefer playing festival shows or in clubs? And what is your favourite part of each kind of performance?

We don’t really have a preference, the good thing about playing festivals is that people who wouldn’t normally come your show might come through and check it out, so it’s a good opportunity to play to a wider audience.

You’ve had a track featured on a few video games, what are your favourite video games and which tracks still resonate nostalgically with you from those games?

We play FIFA and GTA quite a bit. The soundtracks in GTA have always been great, that track from San Andreas; All My Ex’s Live In Texas by Whitney Shafer has stuck with us, we played it on tour bus a lot as we were driving around the US.

Is it still a surreal feeling walking out on to stage and seeing hundreds or thousands of people who are there especially because of you and the music you make?

It’s a bizarre feeling and such a rush. The crowds are always great and the fans have shown so much love.

If you could create a super band to support Jungle on tour, which musicians would you choose and why?

Probably Marvin Gaye on vocals, George Harrison on Guitar, Ginger Baker on Drums and Thundercat on bass, they were and are all masters of their trade. That would be a insane mix of style, not a band we’d like to follow either haha!

What do you enjoy most about touring and what is the first thing you have to do or see when you arrive in a new country?

Being on the road with all your friends is so much fun and have a really good time. We love seeing new places and playing to different crowds.

Social media is imperative to the impression that artists make on their fans, do you enjoy using social media and which platforms allow for the most authentic interactions with your supporters?

It’s important to connect with the fans, to show them the same love they have showed to us. We’ve just got into snapchat which is pretty fun, it sort of gives people a little insight of what we’re up to everyday.

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