Josefin Ibiza Dreams

MCBN: Hey Josefin. What an awesome treat it is to have you here with us at Ibiza Dreams on New Year’s Day.  Are you looking forward to soaking up the day’s sun and partying the night away at Shimmy?

This is something I’ve been looking forward to for some time. I have heard great things about the club so I’m excited to be playing.

MCBN: How did it all start for you? When did you discover the world of music and know that you wanted to be a part of it?

I was working in the London club industry so naturally I tried playing with some DJ friends for fun and I loved it. I literally faked it until I made it!

MCBN: What was it like being nominated Best DJ of 2012 at London Club and Bar Awards?

It was an award show that I went to every year so it was really fun to be nominated. I had all my friends with me and it was a great night.

MCBN: Where is your current studio set up and what does it look like?

I have a small setup at home where I do most of my work. Lately I’ve been collaborating with a greek producer so it’s just two laptops; we share our screen on one of them and then skype on the other. Tecnology is just amazing!

MCBN: Do you ever come to your sets fully prepared or are you the kind of person who lets the crowd dictate your set. The next question almost relies on the latter for an answer; what makes you decide to play a particular song during one of your sets?

If I’m playing two hours I usually have at least five hours of music prepared but I never know what im actually going to play. I know all tracks by heart and I usually know how a crowd will react to the track so the choices are simple. Therefore, none of my sets are the same.

MCBN: What artists/bands would we be surprised to find in your Itunes library? And do you have any guilty pleasure songs? We’ll tell you if you tell us!

I’ve always been a metal head actually. You will find a lot of Soilwork, Killswitch Engage, Sonic Syndicate etc. And then a lot of random music too. Good music is good music and the genre doesn’t matter to me.

MCBN: When all the partying gets put on hold, how do you like to chill out?

I work a lot so when Im off, my favourite place is the sofa – watching movies or playing Call of Duty on my Xbox with my friends.

MCBN: What single night out has been the most memorable for you as a DJ?

It’s hard to point out one in perticular, all shows are amazing in their own way. But the one with the biggest crowd, which was almost overwelming, was at Ziggo dome in Amsterdam. I was opening for Avicii on his True tour and there where 17 000 people in the crowd.

MCBN: We’re interested to know what to expect in Cape Town, care to let us know or are you keeping that a secret for Shimmy Beach Club on New Year’s Day?

Since I create my playlist on the spot I guess it’s a surprise. But there is a lot of amazing new music being released right now so I know its going to be great!

MCBN: Thanks for your time, Josefin! We can’t wait to start the New Year off with you. See you in Cape Town on the 1st of January.

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