Interview | Jimmy Nevis


  1. We hear you will be performing at The Color Run – the “happiest 5k on the planet” – in Green Point, Cape Town. What does it mean to you to be performing in front of your community?


It’s always so great to perform in Cape Town because the music was born there. It’s about celebrating my heritage, my city and my home.


  1. Tell us about the community you grew up in? Do you feel a sense of responsibility towards that community because of your growing popularity?


I grew up in Athlone and I’m a huge believer in celebrating your roots and supporting local industries. I don’t just confine my responsibilty to one community though, I feel like we all have a responsibility to support and help one another – to educate one another. My gift is music and I hope that it inspires people to live better.


  1. What inspires you to make music? What can you tell people out there about how to go about following their dreams day to day?


I get inspired by anything real – if something is happening in my life then it’s more than likely going to be transposed into a song. I think following your dreams is about trusting yourself to do your best and give excellence at all times. It’s also about trusting God and knowing that things will work out at the right time.


  1. Do you identify with the event’s values: health, happiness, individuality and giving back?


Absolutely. I enjoy being active and being mentally and physically stimulated by the world around me – I think it allows you to spend time with yourself – get to know how far you can push yourself. Especially in CPT, I enjoy hiking and running – there’s always so much to do here. I love that giving back is part of the mantra – Giving back should be our responsibility, not just a kind gesture.


  1. One of Capitec’s themes at The Color Run is #LiveBetter, with focus to pioneer a movement of like-minded people/ thinkers & doers that aspire to live better and live free. The message is that taking control of your life gives you freedom. Do you find that this philosophy is true for your own life?


Nobody is going to make your dreams come true – you need to put in the long hours, the blood, the sweat and the tears. As a musician/ entrepreneur, I create my own structures, my own rules and my own business – my freedom is in the power of choice – and choosing to be great everytime.


  1. What does #LiveBetter mean to you? (living better could mean being able to afford to eat healthy, join a gym, travel the world, get those shoes you have always wanted, being able to help someone else , buying your first car, house, building a good credit record, etc.)


Living better is about being well-rounded and balanced – it’s about growing in all aspects of your life – your career, your mental health, physical health and within your spirituality.


  1. What can we expect to see on the 12 November? What songs can fans look forward to hearing at The Color Run in Cape Town?


This year I’ve been focusing on creating new performances for every show or appearance and so I know that this performance will be special. You’ll just have to wait and see.


  1. Does it take a certain positive #LiveBetter attitude to create opportunities and connections that have led to this success? What does the future hold for Jimmy Nevis?


Living better is a lifestyle – it’s about pushing yourself to be better even when you’re at your lowest. Next year will see the release of new music as well as fashion venture on the rise. I also look forward to expanding the Blue Collar Foundation as we progress into our 2nd year.


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