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The inaugural festival, Jeremy Loops Presents Summersault Festival, takes place on 1 December in Cape Town. See Jeremy Loops Matthew Mole, Diamond Thug, Sean Koch, and a TBA international at their acoustic music and lifestyle festival. This event was previously scheduled for 21 April and has now been replaced with another event.

PLEASE NOTE: Current ticketholders will also gain access to the event on the 21st of April as well as Summersault Festival on 1 December.

MCBN: We’re super excited about the latest addition to the Cape Town 2019/2020 festival calendar – Summersault Festival taking place on the 1st of December at an outdoor Cape Town venue with a Summersault teaser taking place on the 21st of April with Kim Churchill & Youngr. Can you talk us through your thinking behind creating the festival? Was this always something on the back of your mind?

I’ve always seen my career as something that happens in community with others around me. The people who enjoy the kind of music we make, as well as our peers. So, in a sense, starting a festival was inevitable as it enables me to host the kind of music I love for people who share my interests, while also uplifting the scene in general and giving other artists key platforms.

MCBN: We’re always interested to know what goes on behind the scenes at festivals, as we like to think the production teams and on-site teams are your BTS heroes, who have you chosen to work alongside and help produce and make Summersault Festival a reality?

My manager owns a production company called Breakout, and they’re invested in the festival, as are Rogue Entertainment. My immediate JL team members Celeste and Motheo are also a part of it. The team is small and intimate, and each of our units has people working in areas we’re strongest in, so it’s working well.

MCBN: The line up is something that really does bring about something really exciting about the event, did you programme this line up yourself or do you have a team working with you to make this all come together?

Lineups are such a tricky thing. I think where I may have the edge over traditional promoters is that I have direct relationships with all sorts of artists, both local and worldwide. And when you’re friends, it makes it a little bit easier to get past certain frictions, but because I’m also an artist, I know what’s fair to offer and have gone out of my way to make sure those musicians who are there have as good a time as the crowd in attendance.

So I had my fingers on the lineup big time. Kim Churchill’s a friend of mine, and when we wrote together in Australia, I had seeded the idea then that he should play in South Africa. And then you have someone like Youngr, whose live show is ridiculous, which is why I really angled for him. Similarly, all the local acts are people I’ve crossed path with and have rapport with so I had a feel for who would be good for this.

MCBN: Bringing Youngr and Kim Churchill was very much because you want the South African audience to hear their sounds for the Summersault Festival Teaser event – we can’t wait to see who the December headliner is. What makes these 2 international artists stand out for you, Jeremy?

The thing with Kim, and I say this in the absolute nicest way, is that what he does isn’t revolutionary, it’s just an extremely good version of that. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the proliferation of singer-songwriters, which is really what Kim is, but he has an edge and twist to his music that’s both unexpected and charming. I think folks are going to be very surprised by what they see.

Youngr, on the other hand, does border on revolutionary. He’s a loop artist – so there’s automatic respect there – but his sound is this incredible fusion of funk and dance music, and watching him move on stage from his bass to his samplers to his drumkit is mesmerising. It’s great.

They’re both special live talents.

MCBN: You’ve bought together a strong local line up of live artists – can you run us through each artist on the lineup and give us a one-liner on why each artist/group is joining you Summersault Festival?

Of course. Matthew Mole’s earned his stripes. He’s always had a rock solid live performance and some really beloved songs.

Diamond Thug is an indie act that’s had something of a renaissance – super progressive sound and their lead singer Chantelle Van T has a smashing voice.

Sean Koch is from my hood, Kommetjie, and has this unique fusion of surf rock and folk music.

The World of Birds have a sound that’s really difficult to pin down, half-bouncing between a beautiful Frankenstein monster of Mac Demarco, The Drums, and the ghost of Al Bairre. They’re cool.

MCBN: Can we expect to see Summersault Festival as an annual festival on the Cape Town circuit?

We’ve deliberately avoided calling Summersault an annual festival but it doesn’t really make sense to build a festival property that hopefully connects with folks and then just doesn’t return.

MCBN: We’re also very stoked to see Greenpop will be working closely with Summersault Festival this year. Can you let us know what you have planned on doing together for the upcoming festival?

Yeah, I’m very stoked about it too. I’ve been trying to find ways to bring these two worlds of mine together for some time already, and the plan is simply to give festival-goers an opportunity to learn about Greenpop and the work we do, while being able to ‘green’ their experience by donating to Greenpop, or signing up for some of our volunteer and reforestation projects. On the European leg of my recent tour we managed to sell 500 trees to fans and music goers, and then just last week I managed to plant those very trees with around 50 volunteers in Platbos forest in the Western Cape. It’s a nice closed circle to be able to contribute to the carbon footprint of making live music possible!

MCBN: MyCityByNight is all about supporting new festivals in Cape Town, so we like to give our audience, the dancers, as much information about the festival before they explore new festivals, what would you tell them about Summersault that makes it a “must attend” for the first event. Let’s get them hyped.

If you love old school acoustic music, where people on stage are still playing instruments, celebrated in the great outdoors in a location that’s a natural wonder, then Summersault is for you. It’s as simple as that really. Whilst I enjoy some EDM just as much as the next person, I think there’s a growing portion of music lovers who want that authentic conversation between music maker and an audience to be upheld. Especially artists who are specifically well known for their live performance. I’m fighting for that space really and calling on all live music lovers to do the same.

MCBN: What are your plans after the Summersault teaser event this weekend, kick it down south and relax a bit or you heading straight on tour again?

After Summersault teaser, we rest for a bit and then hit the studio hard soon after and prepare for Summersault in December 2019

MCBN: As we finish things off – break Summersault Festival down into 3 words for us?

Fresh. Live. Music.

PLEASE NOTE: Current ticketholders will also gain access to the event on the 21st of April as well as Summersault Festival on 1 December.

As a teaser to the inaugural Summersault Festival taking place this December, we welcome Jeremy Loops fresh from a North American Tour, multi-instrumentalist Youngr (UK), and Kim Churchill to Canvas in Cape Town on 21 April.
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PLEASE NOTE: Current ticketholders will also gain access to the event on the 21st of April as well as Summersault Festival on 1 December.

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