Interview | Ivan Turanjanin

Ivan Spotlight
MCBN.  Has the exploration into your archive of music been a journey of self discovery?
Ivan. I have actually spent the last year of my life slowly digitizing my vinyl collection which really has been a trip. Records have such a unique ability to trigger vivid memories. When you bought that record, where you bought it, who was in the store at the time and of course the cut itself. Its great seeing how so many records have aged well. Some definitely still not playable but the moments attached to them will last a lifetime.
MCBN. What special memories have popped out at you in between the soundscape of your life?
Ivan. I think I have always enjoyed music in the way it brings people together, from a bunch of like minded friends going to raves through to the early clubbing culture in South Africa, culminating in the festivals we see today. So many faces along the way. People I didn’t know but ran into almost every weekend. So many great DJ’s and artists that devoted so much to developing electronic music in this country who have now moved on. Its been a bumpy journey with so many haters and opinions along the way, but so many amazing moments when everything has come together in the right way and for the right reasons.
MCBN. How long have you been pioneering the techno sound?
Ivan. In high school my group of friends started hitting raves at a really young age. Back then the raves were playing full on techno. It was also around the time that a club in Randburg was at its peak – Gates. They were playing more house so we were into everything from the harder stuff at the raves through to the early house stuff.Carl Cox also released FACT around this time which really seemed to solidify things. but there were two incidences in particular that really helped shape my love for techno, one was G Force from House Afrika Records selling me Jeff Mill’s Live at the Liquid Room and also Mike, Dave and Gerard steering me more towards buying techno at the legendary Acid Dog Records in Rosebank.
MCBN. What djs, producers and sounds have influenced your music?
Ivan. wow too many to mention, I was say a lot of the attitude that comes through in techno stems from the likes of NIN and Rage Against The Machine which definitely had a profound effect on my music, the song writing and hooks from the likes of Depeche Mode shaped the more melodic side to what I like. Then there is the straight up metallic thud of the likes of Adam Beyer and Cari Lekebusch that showed me the industrial appeal of techno. Jeff Mills,  Mad Mike and the UR crew took things into another dimension bringing concept and consciousness into the music. Things then took a turn with the likes of Coldcut which kind of showed you could just blend everything into everyone one and arrive at something new
MCBN. What have you got planned for your Spotlight set?
Ivan. I never really plan my sets, at best, I try to organize my music as neatly as possible so that I can find the right song if I think of it.  Definitely keen on playing some old stuff, obviously some new stuff and everything in between. But I guess only the night and the dance floor will tell where it really goes.
See you at VICE CITY on Saturday, 27th June for a full-throttle techno throw-down. We can’t wait! Event details: (CLICK HERE)

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