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Jungala Festival.. 2k15

We’re here chatting with local up and coming Psytrance DJ, Producer and all round wonderkid, Hoax. As a relative new comer to the outdoor stage, he’s held nothing back with his production and straight forward approach, this is definitely an act to watch out for in the near future. We got chatting to him about all things productions, his overseas tours, the Cape Town scene and much more…

MyCityByNight: Hey Mr Hoax, let’s start off with the age old question… Tell us a bit about yourself, who are you?

What sup MyCityByNight?

Firstly, I want to thank you guys so much for having me.

A little bit about myself? Let’s see. I am currently 24 years old.  I am born and raised in Cape Town (The Mother City) where i have been living all my life. I am originally from the Northern Suburbs, Durbanville.

If you have further questions just ask me I will be glad to assist you.

MyCityByNight: Tell us a little bit more about this background of yours, where did the production begin and how did you get into the Psytrance scene?

I got into Psytrance after attending a Disasterpeace Lockdown party at the Vlak Vark Resort back in the day, I think it was Lockdown V.2. I was listening to a banging Rubix Qube’s set that night, at the time I didn’t know what the fuck Twilight was or who Rubix was but after experiencing that crazy shit I got hooked, I have never had someone fuck with my brain so much and I needed to understand how he and his music managed to do that.

I was like they say confuckulated and I needed to solve this mystery and dig deeper to find a solution.

About a year after getting into the scene I have kind of already decided that I want to write my own music, I have by this time developed such a big passion for this genre that I had to go as indepth as possible with this genre, this is where I discovered Disasterpeace Records and Front Left Music and started following most artists signed to the label which was at the time – Hiyarant, Frozen Ghost, Rubix Qube, Excell, Mr. Jack, Ironstein and some other great artists.

Not too long after this I contacted one of the artists who today is one of my really good mates Barry, most people would know him by his alias Frozen Ghost, I requested to take production classes by him.

I ended up doing all of his courses that he was offering – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Courses, So if anyone had ever been interested to take these kind of production classes I highly suggest you check him out he is really good mentor and a great teacher.

During this time period Hoax was born and after finishing the courses I soon started producing my own material and started working on my career as a Psytrance Music Producer.

And now I am here 3 years later down the road doing this epic interview with MyCityByNight.

Hoax - Sprung 2

MyCityByNight: You’ve worked and collabed with a number of artists, who’s been your favourite acts to work with, local and international?

Internationally it’s definitely Antispin, I had such a great time writing the Hoax vs Antispin – Godzilla track with them which was a huge success and a monster of a track, this track was released on my first EP with Psy.ology Records which is called Hoax – Meet Your Maker.

It was number 1 on both Beatport and Juno Download and Godzilla actually hit platinum which made it such a successful release and on top of it all Earthling actually played our track at last year’s Ozora 2015 which I was super stoked about and at the same time really surprised.

Locally I would say Frozen Ghost and Rubix Qube – These guys knowledge about music is just on such a high level and off the charts, I really enjoy working with them.


MyCityByNight: What are your top three tracks in your player right now?

Rubix Qube – Cheese – Illiuchina vs Brain Attack – Freaks and Hiyarant – One Punch Machine Gun.

MyCityByNight: Cape Town hosts some world class outdoor Psytrance events and we’ve know you’ve been to a fair amount yourself, which events are your favorite and why?

My favorite Psytrance events in Cape Town is definitely all parties done by Alien Safari and Village, the old school Disasterpeace and MMD Records parties was also really fucking solid, I really like these parties because they like to keep things RAW and really dirty, I find that the music that are played at these events are really technical and I love music that displays technicality.

MyCityByNight: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Man, 5 years is a long time, and I am one of those kids that live on the fast lane I kind of do things as they come and so forth never really plan shit, but if i had to have a little think about it I would say I would like to see myself in 5 years in my fully equipped studio in my modern apartment with my sexy ass girlfriend in the kitchen cooking up some next level food while I cook up the Next GeN beats. hahahaha

But to be a little serious I do see myself in 5 years playing bigger and better parties with more fresh material, hopefully working my way to the top of the grid if you get what I mean.

MyCityByNight: As we’ve mentioned before, you’re a relative new comer to the Cape Town scene yet you’ve already notched up an international tour to Mexico under your belt. Can you tell us a bit about this tour, where did you play and what was it like, we want to know everything?

Yeah sure, I got invited to play at Rounder’s Festival, which is hosted by Moon Crystal Records (MX)

After accepting they offer I planned a 2-month Mexican tour where I played in Cancun, Guadalajara where Rounder’s was hosted, Mexico DF, Asqualientes and Mexico City.

Rounders Festival Mexico by Moon Crystal Records

I actually ended up playing my first ever LIVE set in an international country before playing in my own, Rounder’s was definitely one of the biggest stepping stones in my music career and to be able to meet and play alongside legendary artists such as Bliss, Upgrade, U-Recken and so forth was out of this world.

Rubix Qube was also playing at the party so I had some South African blood with me which was relieving, we also ended up sharing a hotel room together right next to Bliss in Guadalajara which ended up being such a jol, hanging out with all the big leagues and all I felt on top of the world what an amazing experience to be able to have had, Super Grateful.

Hoax Mexico Tour Banner

Meeting all the artists personally that I have been collaborating with over the years like Manual – ThorusWrath – Julio Mucora – Anhuar – Knock Out – Zeph – 1.16 and etc.  It was also such a surreal experience, Mexico is a beautiful country with a lot of potential and it’s people are really humble and modest the time I spent there really had a big impact on my life and opened my eyes to bigger and better things.

MyCityByNight: If we were to come over to your house for dinner, what would you make us?

Nothing, I’d probably just drive with you to the closest garage and buy a fucking pie and a few chocolates and a coke to wash it all down with.

Or we will end up hitting the Mad Hatters – Call – A – Pizza and smash Tequila with Dani – Disco Volante. hahahahaha.

MyCityByNight: If you could drink tequila with three people, dead or alive, who would it be?

Danial Honor ( Disco Volante ) Kieron Grieve ( Rubix Qube ) and Dan Bilzerian.

Counter Culture - The X Factor Album Cover

MyCityByNight: You’re working on a side project called Counter Culture, tell us a more about the duo and how it started! We’ve seen your live sets and they’re pretty powerful.

Yeah Counter Culture is a real special project to me which I created the beginning of last year with my best friend Lieben Badenhorst. This kid has so much talent and such a big passion for Psytrance. Lieben and I met each other a few years ago via a mutual friend of ours, we were both making music at the time and ever since then we have been making a lot of music together. We also used to live together where we made an enormous amount of noise and rang up quite a few fines, we later on eventually got evicted. Hahahaha, good times… classic.

The last 8 – 9 months we were working on our 12 Track album called Counter Culture – The X Factor that recently got release by Mechanik Records.

If you are interested in buying this album Online you can do so via this link on Beatport.


We hope to take this project to the next level and to bring something really fresh to the dancefloor but still with some old school elements inspirited by legendary Records Labels Timecode, Nano, Nexus Media and Spectral Records.

MyCityByNight: We have host of extremely talented producers down south here in Africa. Who’s been an inspiration in your journey through the world of production? This is always a question that I love asking, but who would you like to work with locally that you haven’t worked with already?

Definitely Disco Volante, Deliriant, EMP, Shift, Zion Linquist  and Hiyarant.

MyCityByNight: A penguin walks in the room right now wearing a sombrero, what does he say and why is he here?

To be 100% completely honest with you i have no fucking idea, this question alone has fucked with my brain, really have no idea how to even begin answering that. x

MyCityByNight: Would you rather have a rattle snake as a penis or scorpion tails as arms?

A Rattle Snake as a penis, it would definitely come in handy as a good mating call.

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