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MCBN: Haezer. The new EP is pure awesomeness with some sick local collaboration. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Haezer: Sho, I don’t know where to start.  I never fully conceptualized the E.P.  I knew I wanted to create a body of work that works as a whole and not just throw a whole bunch of bangers on a E.P.  Originally I wanted to release a full length album.  It would’ve included two interludes, a very laid-back tune and  two reworked, previously unofficial released tracks ‘James Bond’ and ‘Anarchy’.  But it just didn’t work as a body of work and so I edited down to the tracks that worked best and had the longest longevity as singles on their own.

I wanted to give all the tracks their own personality and all the artists I chose just suited the mood of the tracks.  ‘Fire Walk With Me’ has it’s own personality without any vocals.  I originally wanted Inge Beckmann to do something over it, but after some thought decided it works better as a instrumental track.

MCBN: I heard you missioned pretty much straight after Oppikoppi on a European tour? How has your recent tour of Europe been? Any crazy moments you want to tell us about?

Haezer: That was super crazy. The day after Oppikoppi I missioned to Germany.  I played two shows.  One with F.O.O.L, a electro duo from Sweden and one on my own.  It was great seeing them again and some old faces in Dingolfing(a super small town with some super crazy german kids who love to party their faces off).  It was a fun show with lots of pure Vodka going around.  I even played back to back with Rasmus from F.O.O.L for the last half hour of their set…Oliver tried to outdrink a South African…Rookie mistake…

The next show was in Untermeintingen, not sure I spelt that right, in the middle of farkol nowhere!

The club was the equivalent of a German Avastar.  I have no idea why they booked me.  They put me in a little side room with really bad lighting and thirty kids dancing in an awkward space between the dj box and the bar.  At this point I was not stoked. I just came back to SA from an awesome festival run in Austria and Sweden, played Oppikoppi and now i’m in the middle of nowhere and with the knowledge that i’m flying back to SA the next day for 27 hours all together with transit and ground transport. Then the next weekend I’ll be flying back to Germany for another festival. ugh!

MCBN: What are your three favourite tracks at the moment?
Haezer: Dog Blood – Next Order
Sibot – Magnet Jam
Amon Tobin – Goto 10
MCBN: What do you think of the current state of the South African electronic scene compared to that of the rest of the world? We like to think we got it good down here!

Haezer: Look, we have like we say in afrikaans,gees.  a Shitload of gees.  But, unfortunately the club scene is becoming very mundane.  The same lighting, the same stage setup, the same dj’s, the same genre of music.  It’s sad, but you don’t get the same energy in the clubs lately, than two years ago.  It’s because no one is breaking boundaries and this is no one’s fault really.  The promoters don’t have enough sponsors to put up big events, the kids don’t have enough money to go to every event and the cities don’t have the government supporting the club scene.  I really hope this changes soon, because the kids are hungry for a good party and the promoters want to give it to them, but we’re all trapped in the vicious cycle of economic growth in the entertainment industry in South Africa…WOW, ok that sounds helluva formal and corporate, but hey it’s the truth!

MCBN: Where is your favourite place to play when in your home town Cape Town?

Haezer: Assembly is where I started and so I have a very special place in my heart for that club.  My fans seem to prefer seeing me play there and i’m all about the fans!

MCBN: How does it feel releasing an EP on international heavy weight, Steve Aoki’s label, Dim Mak?

Haezer: It’s a big honor to be picked up by Dim Mak.  It’s a label i’ve followed since the very beginning of my career and i can’t think of a better label to be on.  It’s not just the name.  They have done a absolute stellar job on the marketing side and i’ve met the team personally and they are all very kind,professional and down to earth peeps.  It’s a (and here comes the corny bit) dream come true for me.

MCBN: You are on the move quite a bit these days… What is your studio looking like at the moment? What equipment are you currently working with for your production?
Haezer: I have a Moog Little Phatty, a Waldorf Blofeld desktop synth, a keyboard, soundcard and laptop.  I use Logic and Reason to compose.  Because I’m always on the road i record new samples from my hardware synths and create a soundbank of sorts for all my synths.  I load those synths into my NNXT sampler in Reason and use that for my basslines.  I have found this way of working best for a traveling producer.
MCBN: If you could have any super power, what would it be?
Haezer: Play every instrument in the world!
MCBN: Where in the world would you say has the best parties, crowds and venues? 
Haezer: Parties – Austria and Australia
Crowds – Sydney, Vienna and Munich
Venues – Probably America, but from what i’ve seen Australia, Spain and Portugal.
MCBN: Being the almighty Haezer, you must have some crazy groupies. Ever encountered anything unusual while travelling and DJing?

Haezer: I am the total opposite of what you describe 😉  I enjoy partying with my fans and so I never put myself on a throne.  I see everyone as equal and I always have a good giggle inside when I see dj’s acting like superstars.  Groupies wise i have had my moments.  I had a girl propose to me in Italy and have seen three guys so far with Haezer tattoos.  It’s quite the opposite of what people think.  It’s actually quite awkward to have groupies around you.  I prefer to have people who enjoy my music around me without the flattery.  I have met fans who has HAEZER tattoos who are actually normal awesome guys, it’s more the freaking out in front of you that makes me feel funny 😉

Thanks for chatting to us man. See you on the Red Bull Stage at Earthdance!

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Rumoured to have the blue-prints for Krang's TechnoDrome, stolen straight from Dimension X, he’s the type of guy who exudes so much coolness that he adds whole countries on Facebook at one time instead of just people. Always up for a party and a Tequila shot or two this is the guy who we always call first, both before and after a night out…

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