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MCBN: Yo Keaton, shot for chatting to us. So, where did the name Grimehouse come from and how long ago did you start DJing & producing?

Grimehouse (GH): No thank you sirs!! I have no clue how that name came about, but I think I’ll make up a more elaborate story about it soon 🙂 I have been DJ’ing / Producing for 10 years now  (this is my 10th year since I first started playing in clubs and been producing since just before that)

MCBN: Take us through a day in the life of Grimehouse?

GH: I have a day job , so pretty much work my ass off until 6pm, eat, take my girlfriend out, do nasty things to her till she falls asleep and then I hit the music lab and try to make music until about 5am and then catch a few hours of sleep if I’m lucky.

MCBN: Tell us the top three tracks you enjoying playing the most at the moment?

GH: Baauer – Coke In My Nose // Chuckie – Mek Money (Figure Remix) // Disturbed – Under & Over It (Kill the Noise Remix)

MCBN: You not scared of throwing yourself around the decks, you even posted a video of yourself jumping on the table the decks were on, only for it to crash to the floor. Care to take us through that?

GH: Haha Best day ever man!! 900+ people in the club. I stepping up to play, going hard from the start, if the strobe hit me right, I was taking the form of a unicorn. I decide to pull the old table jump , jumped up, and as soon as the beat dropped, so did the table,with me and all the equipment. The music went off with a giant GHASP from the crowd…pretty embarrassing but I couldn’t stop laughing at it, here is the link if you haven’t seen the video:

MCBN: You have just recently remixed Chuckie’s tune, Mek Money. How did that happen to come about and how did the remix go?

GH: I just randomly got a tweet from him, DJ Chuckie himself. Never in my wildest dreams…. Kudo’s to him for giving an unknown dude a chance. He gave me like a weekend deadline and I had many gigs that weekend so I worked on it about 8 hours in total.  I really dig the remix because I love dutch house and the original is very dutch orientated so I got to combine my Drumstep sounds with a Dutch House track……Dutch-step? mmmm

MCBN: What’s the craziest thing you have seen while behind the decks?

GH: I wont mention the party name, but the other day somebody pulled out a fuckin’ gun and wanted to bust a cap, then he got hit in the face with a bottle…some other crazy stuff I’ve seen is people dancing while I DJ. Im lying…haven’t seen that yet :_( …. ( I tried to make a teardrop on that smiley face)

MCBN: You play quite a few other styles of music, would you mind telling us your other alias’ and what genre you play them under?

GH: My first and main love is HARDSTYLE music, I play under the alias “Psycho Keaton” which is my first DJ name since I had when I was 13 doing house parties.  I just love that music and every Month I’ll throw a hardstyle event because there isn’t anyone else doing it in Cape Town and we have a crazy hardstyle family who always enjoy the events!

MCBN: Grimehouse has been known to be a joker at times, how about you tell us a joke?

GH: One day…there was a frog…and there was a cow….suddenly….the frog jumped over the cow….and the cow said “you wouldn’t do that, if it was summer”……

I made that up….dont steal it ok? (You are safe with us, don’t you worry)

MCBN: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

GH: In my mind I’m way too old, so if I picture 5 years I imagine myself in an old age home unable to walk and about to die….realistically time is going so fast… probably just doing my thing still making songs that encourage children to rage and break things….hopefully on a bigger scale 😉 but if not, I’m still happy

MCBN: Cape Town has an ever growing electronic scene, with festivals getting bigger by the year and internationals artists pouring onto Cape Town shores. What are your thoughts on the state of the current Cape Town electronic scene?

GH: Its growing so fast and so huge, I don’t really feel that I am a part of it, as I don’t play at the main festivals or events , so my opinion doesn’t really count on that, but it’s a blessing to have all these big artists coming to our shores because our artists like Sibot and Haezer and our insane crowds will always leave them with something to take back and it puts us on their radars, I do think though that there are a lot of talented artists who don’t get the opportunity to get onto these good lineups and there should maybe be like (at least) 1 or 2 Up and Coming producers being put on the stages or even a small up and coming floor, a lot of clubbers are getting tired of the same lineups.  Not saying the lineups are shit…they always rock, but change is good.

MCBN: If you could have drinks with three people, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

GH: My Dad, My Grandma and the Undertaker

MCBN: If you could collaborate with ANY artist, who would it be?

GH: Alan Silvestri

MCBN: What have been your three favourite gigs you have played to date? 

GH: In all honesty every gig to me is such a blessing, I’m always grateful for being booked. I really loved Rock the River last year NYE because my laptop fucked out , and I was forced to play CD’s of only my own productions for the whole set which I NEVER do.  Also played an old school vinyl only party recently which was fun, but I really can’t choose man , don’t do this to me!! 😛

MCBN: Who have been your inspiration and help throughout your DJing career?

GH: My girlfriend and all the people always sending me really supportive messages about my music.

MCBN: Thanks very much chatting to us my man!

GH: For sheezy ma’ neezy

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Rumoured to have the blue-prints for Krang's TechnoDrome, stolen straight from Dimension X, he’s the type of guy who exudes so much coolness that he adds whole countries on Facebook at one time instead of just people. Always up for a party and a Tequila shot or two this is the guy who we always call first, both before and after a night out…


  1. Keaton used to be a cool guy, but all these attention and fame has gotten to his head and now he is just an asshole. keep it up frans.

  2. “I love dutch house and the original is very dutch orientated so I got to combine my Drumstep sounds with a Dutch House trackâ�¦â�¦Dutch-step?” I think that might be the reason why you not playing at major festivals bro…

  3. “I love dutch house and the original is very dutch orientated so I got to combine my Drumstep sounds with a Dutch House track……Dutch-step? mmmm” im pretty sure thats the reason you not playing at the main festivals bro … i think you are a good producer – but the music is very specific to a small target market. The rest of the people cant stand that sound. something less noisy and more musical in future?

  4. Big up for doing what YOU love doing and are very good at!
    If people want less “noisy” music they should go back to their fucking old aged homes and turn classic fm back on and that is the gospel.
    Your scene is so clicky in Cape Town so respect for playing more gigs than the so called “Big Name” artists.
    Oh yeah, and fuck anyone to tells you not to be yourself like David 🙂

  5. If you Gona slander me and talk shit at least have the balls to put your name. U think there is any sort of fame in the music industry in SA ? Hhhaahhahahaaj

  6. Haters will hate – jelousy won’t get them very far!
    Grimehouse FTW 🙂

  7. Nice interview dude! Keep doing what you doing, and keep doing what you love. Too many people making music that they don’t love just to get somewhere. I know you love this shit so just keep making that “noisy” stuff 🙂

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