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Goldfish have to be one of South Africa’s finest exports and having played across all corners of the globe it’s understandable that they hold a residency at Pacha in Ibiza. We were lucky enough to chat to them and pick their brains on all things Cape Town, partying, DJ’ing in Ibiza and whether they have themselves some decent groupies overseas?

MCBN: First of all, thanks for chatting to us. You guys are back in Cape Town for now, how long are you back here for and will we be seeing you DJ’ing anytime soon?

Goldfish: We are back for Summer! It’s a great little scam we have going on of book-ending summer seasons between the northern and southern hemisphere. We have a massive tour schedule lined up around SA for our new album Get Busy Living and we’re looking forward to playing some shows to the home team.

MCBN: Your new album “Get Busy Living” has 8 tracks with that very unique Goldfish sound, with a mix of vocals, instruments and the very funky beat. How long did it take you to finish this album considering you have been overseas while making it?

Goldfish: 10 tracks actually. We recorded and mixed everything during the 1st part of 2010, it took us about 5 months in the studio to finish it. We had to have it done before we left for Ibiza as our studio is too big to fly hand luggage…

MCBN: Your video for “Get Busy Living” is awesome, do you guys come up with the concepts or do you have a team working on it for you?

Goldfish: We come up with the concepts with our close collaborator Mike Scott. We have made 3 videos with him now and he is just an amazingly talented animator and story teller with a classic and quirky sense of humour. We travel so much and our gear is constantly getting lost – so one day we thought how about making a video about the adventures your luggage goes on whilst you are on the plane…Make it a bit more fun.

MCBN: What are your thoughts on the evolution of the Cape Town music/party scene since those early days when we used to catch you every Thursday at Baraza (now Sapphire)?

Goldfish: We miss those days! I actually went to Baraza(Now Sapphire) the other night and caught Anthea and Killer Robot doing their thing. Brought back a lot of good memories. Otherwise we are looking forward to taking our Submerged Sundays concept to St Yves this summer. La Med unfortunately has new noise laws which prohibit us doing our parties there anymore. The Club scene in SA is super tricky!

MCBN: What in your opinion separates the international party scene from that in S.A.?

Goldfish: Money. Simple as that. Our market is tiny and our spending power is nowhere near what it is overseas. People drop massive $$$ to go out to clubs and party overseas, and they are prepared to do it. There is a culture of ‘guestlist’ in SA and people moan about R100 cover charge to go to a club… That won’t even buy you a beer at Pacha Ibiza. And it’s 800 bucks to get in. Actually make it R1000 if you want to watch Swedish house mafia at Pacha this Summer coming…before drinks. And its packed every Monday of the Summer!

MCBN: You guys are both from musical backgrounds, is that how you guys are able to develop that distinctive sound we have become accustomed too?

Goldfish: I suppose so. We try to bring the instrumental side back into electronic music. Rub a little dirt in, Electronic stuff can sound so sterile otherwise.

MCBN: You have played some mad gigs whilst in Ibiza that must have lead to seeing some crazy things. What is the craziest thing you guys have seen while on stage?

Goldfish: Having Dr Dre come up and buy a CD while we were playing was pretty surreal. Actually another thing that just springs to mind is a girl who crowdsurfed at our gig at Melkweg Amsterdam a couple of weeks back…sold out show, crowd going mental and she climbs up on stage and dives off headfirst into the concrete floor. 1500 people collectively went oooooh! Was I think she was OK but it looked really bad. It’s up on youtube somewhere…

MCBN: Where in the world would you say has the best party, crowd and why?

Goldfish: Brazil! Consistently the most up for it crowd and the latin blood is genetically engineered for dancing.

MCBN: This isn’t really a question but; tell us that you missed Cape Town while you were away?

Goldfish: Definitely Surfing. Ibiza is in the Med and it’s literally a lake in Summer. We got into cliff jumping the 1st year just to scratch the itch.

MCBN: You guys must have encountered some awesome groupies, anything out of the ordinary that you are brave enough to let us know about?

Goldfish: Simon le Bon coming up and telling us he was a fan in his speedo was pretty awesome.

MCBN: How would you guys feel about a remix of one of your tracks done by the… I use this term very loosely… legendary- Flo Rider. I mean he would rap and sing… at the same time making your amazingly produced tune sound nice- as nice as a mushy custard pie in your faaasch.

Goldfish: No thanks…

MCBN: What artists, local or international, would you most like to collaborate with?

Goldfish: We collaborate with such amazing artists in SA and you can hear them all on our albums…but internationally would have to say Feist for her voice, Trentemoller for his production.

Thanks for chatting to us guys, we look forward to seeing you in Cape Town soon soon!

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  1. So glad I got to see the Goldfish yesterday. They are awesome and their new album is AMAZING!

    I need to get my hands on a copy ASAP!

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