[INTERVIEW] Get ready for EDX in Cape Town at Secrets of Summer this NYE

We chatted to EDX about his return to Cape Town, his studio, what we can expect from his set on NYE at Secrets of Summer and much more...

MCBN: Welcome to Cape Town, South Africa, EDX. Have you ever been to Cape Town and taken a little look into our scene down this side of the world?

This is my 2nd time in South Africa and I’m really looking forward making my return to celebrate the start of 2018. I played a 3-city tour in 2015 and a very intimate show in Cape Town.  It’s one of the rare blessings for every producer to be able to play shows in different parts on the globe.  

MCBN: You’re headlining the Secrets of Summer event alongside a host of South Africa’s finest act and Brazilian superstar Groove Delight. Can you give us a little indication of what we can expect from your Cape Town set.

I know quite a bit about South African music and handful of electronic artists quite well. Personally, I feel the movement has a great twist of indie dance and an organic, underground music culture which makes my journey that much more groovy and sexy. I really can’t wait to play some exclusive material, giving a taste of what’s in store for the new year.

MCBN: You’ve travelled extensively and played at some of the world’s biggest festivals and clubs. Which have been the most memorable to you?

I played b2b for World Club Dome in Frankfurt, Germany and Seoul, South Korea. Simply the right setup, stage and time of the day for my music. The crowd and music just turned into magic together.

MCBN: Do you prefer playing to big festival crowds or more intimate smaller club crowds?

To be honest, I love to play both setups.  I grew up playing clubs shows and festivals since the early days of rave in Switzerland. As of late I’ve personally started to dig clubs shows a little better, music is getting more sexy and a little darker too.

MCBN: What are your top three tracks you’re playing right now?

EDX – We Can’t Give Up

Rae Morris – Do It (Icarus Remix)

Nora En Pure – Trailblazer (Original Club Mix)

MCBN: Can you give a little trip down memory lane and let us know how the EDX project started all the way back in 1994, and was it always production from the start? Or did you begin DJing and natural progression took its course and production was the next step?

I started to release my music exactly 2 decades ago.  Prior to this, I had already been making music in 1990, though I was playing around in my bedroom with my mates on some beats and loops at the time. My DJ journey started as well around 1990 and turned into my EDX guise around 1992. To put it personally, it just became my days, my nights, who I am. I think the turning point was around 1994 when electronic music started to become very electrifying and the techno culture turned into a real subculture, not just a style, the real thing…  

MCBN: What does your studio at home look like, what equipment are you using when producing your music?

My first sequencer was on an AMIGA 500, with a AKAI midi controller and synth. Later on, I moved over to NOTATOR and an ATARI computer which was the actually the era I started to buy different gears. I used to have (-still have-) a Roland TB303, JV2080 + modules, JP8080 and 8000, Akai Sampler S1000, Nordlead 1, Access Virus, JoMax Airbase, Roland Dance Module (M-DC1) and much more. From around 1997 I started to work only with Logic and never looked back from there.

MCBN: You’ve worked with some of the biggest musicians in the game, who’s been your favourite artists to work with and/or remix?

It wouldn’t be the right thing to just name one. During my journey, I got always to work on music that some of my idols back then created or had the chance to re-work older classic tunes. I think every single one or at least the majority had an emotional impact on me.

MCBN: Who is one artist you’d love to collaborate with still in your career as a musician?

There are so many talents between the popular, alternative and electronic music worlds right now.  I grew up listening to artists of the likes of Madonna and Michael Jackson, the older generation loved Barry White and Marvin Gaye… But I was a die-hard Madonna fan. I would maybe go for Madonna as she is one of the most legendary artists out there.  

MCBN: Do you have any side projects you’re working on. If you do, can you give us a little information and insight into these projects.

At the moment I’m really only focusing on EDX, but I’m always putting my hands in as executive producer on some older aliases or projects, especially the darker and more deep sounds that come closer to me as of late.

MCBN: We hope you’re as excited as we are for your show in Cape Town – do you have any last words for your fans and our readers down in South Africa?

Let’s celebrate the start of 2018 all together with great vibes and lot’s of smiling faces. I can’t wait to arrive and get united with all the music lovers on one dance floor. 

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