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Chicago-based duo, DJs J2K and Autobot, make up Flosstradamus who are heading down to South Africa for their up coming gig at the Olmeca presents Mad Decent Block Party in February. We chatted to them to find out a little more about what makes them tick:

MCBN: How did you come up with your DJ name?

We were drunk on a back porch in Chicago saying a bunch of different names to each other with friends.. we never thought it would be uttered outside that personal group of people!!

MCBN:  How did you guys meet and how did the project come about?

We met through a mutual friend who noticed we were both DJing a similar style of music.. we met and we became best friends. Curt’s girlfriend at the time was working a little deadhead bar called the Town Hall Pub and the owner was crazy enough to let us do a Wednesday night there. We started the night and it became a big thing for Chicago.

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MCBN:  This will be your first trip to South Africa, have you heard anything about the scene down here? Do you know of/follow any local South African producers?

All we know of is Die Antword and District 9 haha. We’ve been having people tweet and FB message us about coming there for years tho, so we’re expecting it to be awesome.

MCBN:  You have played at some of the worlds biggest music festivals such as Coachella, Pitchfork, Lollapalooza, TomorrowWorld and many more, which festival is a favourite of yours and why?

Electric Forest in Rothbury Michigan was our favorite set of the summer fests. It was a Midwest homecoming for us and the stage was curated by our Fool’s Gold family.

MCBN: Playing at these insane festivals, what is the craziest thing you seen while on tour/on stage? 

We’ve had fans drive around the country following us from show to show. People getting tattoos of HDYBYZ, HDYGRLZ, and the MONUMENT.

MCBN: What can the Cape Town & JHB crowds expect from your shows at the Mad Decent block party?


MCBN: If you could sit down and drink a bottle with three people, dead or alive, who would it be? And why?

Joe Rogan, because we both fuck with his podcast and UFC.
Nelson Mandela, because we need peace.
Barack Obama, because he knows if aliens exist.

MCBN: You have created a clothing range called HDYBYZ, tell us a little bit more how this came about?

Initially we started wearing all black hoodies when we performed and we noticed our fans started doing the same when they came to our shows. Curt and I have always been interested in fashion and our personal style, so we figured now that we have an audience, why not share our sense of style with them? 

MCBN: Tell us top 3 tracks you are listening to at the moment?

Nymz – Bing Bong
Drake – We Made It

Young Thug – Danny Glover

MCBN: Lastly, you are forced into getting one of those cheesy personalized number plates, what would yours say?


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