Interview | Fabio (TOYTOY)

Thanks for taking the time to chat to us Fabio, we’re very excited for the weekend with Tobias. Any avid Techno fan will say this is a booking and a half, how did this come about and how did the option to bring him to ERA come about?

Thank MCBN for showing TOYTOY some love, much appreciated. Like any TOYTOY bookings we look primarily at artists that can rock a dance floor, of course we look at the quality of releases too but the true indication is a live recording that floats our boat. Tobias. certainly provided that. Then we also felt it was time to book a live techno act, something we hadn’t done before. Lastly, we have a good relationship with Ostgut Ton bookings and the release of Tobias. new album all coinciding to making it a no-brainer for us.

For those that don’t know the Toy Toy brand, would you mind giving our readers a better understanding of who you guys are, what you do and where you can be found?

TOYTOY, at its core, is a weekly night hosted every Friday at And club in Newtown JHB. We really don’t like to be too genre specific on the music side but on any given night we showcase some of the countries top underground artists as well as regular internationals alongside the TOYTOY residents. Since we became a weekly night almost 6 years ago we have continued to push boundaries of music, culture, artwork and creativity with an eye on the best possible quality throughout.

Your night’s at AND Club have created a space for dancers and music lovers alike to enjoy themselves in a care-free environment. With that being said, you guys have quite the policy whereby no photos are allowed inside the club. How did this idea come about, what inspired it?

The policy was made famous by Berghain of course, it’s something we thought of trying when we opened And club but we used to get a lot of social media traction from our photos so were reluctant at first. Then, when And club moved from The Alex Theatre space to our current space in Newtown we had a little more confidence and experience and felt it was the right time to go with a no photos policy for the venue as a whole. Further to that, this policy was being implemented successfully around the world in clubs and venues. In fact, around the time we were building the new And club, DVS1 (an artist we have huge respect for), posted to his artist page that when we have booked for all night long sets he would try his best to convince the promoter to put the policy in place for that night. He continued to explain that often the promoters and venues would employ the policy across all nights thereafter because the atmosphere was just that much better. Along with that message, he posted a generic hi-res No Photos image to his page for club owners and promoters to download and print for their own nights and venues, so we did just that.

What can the crowd expect from the TOY TOY and Tobias showcase this weekend at ERA (and AND Club in Jozi)?

Without a doubt we are going to bring some unreasonableness to the music, we certainly don’t conform in that regard and you can expect us to bring our sound without holding back and aim for a mind-bending trip that is the foundation of our night. You can expect a decent sized hangover on Sunday too!

What are three secret weapons in your record bag?

Well now, they wouldn’t be so secret anymore now, would they? But, there is a Traumprinz record I had to buy on vinyl and rip that I am almost certain to play…..its perfect for the wee hours and has a certain element of soulfulness that I love in the techno I seek out.

You have recently just completed a marathon back to back set at ERA nightclub with B Type. How do you prepare for this type of set, it’s no easy feat playing music for 6 hours and keep that dance floor going from start to finish. We’d love to hear how you make sure that no record is left unplayed.

Yeah, what a great night that was and I really felt like we played solidly all night long. Playing B2B with another DJ can sometimes be tricky and the flow just doesn’t happen, it wasn’t the case this time. I think the preparation was key to the way we gelled together. The best prep is really knowing the music you have selected for the playlists created. The better you know your own music, the better you will be at adapting to the other DJ’s music.

You’re also part of various other acts up north, care to let us know what they’re all about?

I partner with Dogstarr for Zolabuddé and with Dogstarr and Gforce as Digital Rockit. These acts are all about a deep connection in music and life, we have a long history of DJ’ing together that even now, it still all makes sense.

Thanks again for allowing us the chance to experience an act of Tobias’ calibre inside a venue like ERA before it closes down. See you on Saturday.

Thank you guys again…..see you ravers there!

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