Interview & Exclusive MCBN Mix | UniverSoul

Interview & Exclusive MCBN Mix| UniverSoul


It’s so good to catch up with you, unbelievably, this is the very first time we’ve had you in front of the MyCityByNight family. We’ve got our eyes firmly fixed on the peak of Summer in South Africa and are sure you’re pretty excited too about it too – let’s jump right into it:

MCBN: You were recently down in Cape Town and played a few gigs there over the festive season – In terms of a favourite South African city to play in, which one is your favourite and why?

UniverSoul: I wouldn’t necessarily be able pick a favourite city to play in simply because I believe that music is a universal language. Different tastes are eventually able to speak in the same tongue.

MCBN: How did you first get into djing?

UniverSoul: Growing up, I was continuously surrounded by music. It eventually became an obsession which lead me to educate myself in each genre I found myself drawn to over the years. All of which stems into what I do today. 


MCBN: How would you describe your sound of music? We’ve listened to a couple of sets of yours and we’ve heard everything from techno/tech house to progressive – do you change it up depending on venue and mood?

UniverSoul: I find that the easiest way to describe what I play would be euphoric and uplifting. I keep my sets underground purely because I believe that music is just as much about education as it is about entertainment. To see people hearing and truly enjoying something new on a dance floor is the ultimate goal for me during each of my sets.

MCBN: What can we expect in the MCBN Exclusive mix that you’ve put together?

UniverSoul: For this MCBN exclusive, I decided to spice it up with some mild Techno followed by some Deep and Progressive House. I hope it gets you guys going just as much as it got me while putting it together :).


MCBN: Do you believe that doing work with other artists leads to better music or do you prefer to do things alone? If it’s the former, who would you most like to collaborate with in future?

UniverSoul: In the art of collaboration I believe that two musical minds are much better than one, no matter who you are. I’ve coupled a few of my sets with some of the best vocalists in the country. The beauty of it all was that everything was completely improvised, which is my definition of pure magic.

MCBN: What has been the most memorable gig you’ve played at up to this point?

UniverSoul: There are so many great memories from my time in the industry so I’d have to go with something more recent. Performing alongside my good friend Johnny Apple a few weeks ago was nothing short of spectacular. Went out for a party and ended up being the ones who started it.


MCBN: Does anything weird ever happen to you in terms of fan behaviour? I mean we’re pretty used to people getting undressed and throwing items of their clothing on stage whenever we’re out and about – but have you experienced anything out of the ordinary? (A fan tattoo on their naughty bits perhaps?)

UniverSoul: Surprisingly there isn’t much of anything weird to mention (LOL). I feel as if I’m missing out here somehow?

MCBN: Are there any other major projects in the near future that we should know about?

UniverSoul: There are big things coming up in 2017. I plan to move forward with incorporating more live aspects into my performances. Also, there are a few collaborations on the cards with my fellow DJ and Producer Yan Solo (Poyan Mesgari).


MCBN: Where can people follow you online and make enquiries about booking you?



Upcoming gigs –

I wouldn't necessarily be able pick a favourite city to play in simply…
I wouldn't necessarily be able pick a favourite city to play in simply… (1) I wouldn't necessarily be able pick a favourite city to play in simply… (2)

MCBN: It’s been an absolute pleasure catching up with you – we’ll catch you out and about in and around Jozi!

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