Interview| ESA (RSA/UK)


MCBN: First of all, howsit Esa. Tell us where you were from in Cape Town and where you are now based in the UK.

E: Awe howsit!! Hosh pagamesa I’m Esa, I’m from an area called Mountview and for those who haven’t heard of it, it’s directly across from Hanover Park on the Cape Flats. So I’ve recently just moved to London but I spent 9 years in Scotland, 2 in Aberdeen and 7 in Glasgow.

MCBN: The big question, why did you make the move from Cape Town up north to the UK?

E: The move was a last minute thing as I got a job opportunity in the UK and the time was probably right as I made the decision in less than a day to leave Cape Town for a few years, but a few years has now become indefinitely which I never envisaged, I think I just went with the journey and it’s worked out OK somehow.

MCBN:  How long have you been playing music for and where did it all begin for you?

E: I’ve been involved with music from a very young age as all of us are but it became serious when I inherited my late father’s DJ equipment and records. I was also very involved with DJing at house parties at 16 and did a 3 month trip to Germany in 2002 which also further schooled me in electronic music.

MCBN:  What has been your biggest gig to date?

E: Ummmm not sure perhaps playing the legendary Fabric, London.

MCBN: Playing at the CTEMF must have been awesome as it allowed you to be back in Cape Town and play for your homeys, what is your take on the current CT scene after playing at the CTEMF?

E: Cape Town has an ever evolving music scene and going from strength to strength with a lot of forward thinking Promoters/DJ’s/Producers doing some really interesting stuff. SA’s house music scene is also currently receiving alot of attention from the international community which is really good for the South African scene in general.

MCBN: Will we be seeing you down south any time soon?

E: I’m very excited as I’m actually going to be in South Africa in September as I’ll be doing a few shows with the Live project I do with Auntie Flo, it’s also Auntie Flo’s first time in SA. We’ll be doing a date in Jo’burg which I’ve never experienced yet and a date in Cape Town before we end it in Malawi.

MCBN: Tell us a little bit about your new EP? Where can we buy it?

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E: “Prophets of the South” is a new collaborative project between Ali OOFT! from Glasgow and myself, it’s a tribute to the Prophet of Da City, a South African Hip Hop group from the 80’s and we’ve also taken inspiration from the sound of South Africa and the Southside of Glasgow. It will be released both on vinyl and digital with vinyl hitting store 26th August and digital 10th September on a very new London based label TIEF who are also affiliated with amazing club nights at Corsica Studios, London.


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