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MCBN: How did you guys join forces and become the breaks producing machines we have grown to love here in Cape Town?

EW- We hooked up about 4 years ago when I returned from overseas. I was really into my breaks while over there and when I got back introduced the genre to Stuart.  We discussed it and decided to try our hand at making our own. Originally we were really keen to get into the whole “Psy- Breaks” side of things, and our earlier tracks reflect that a little more than our current productions. Over the years we progressed away from the original ideas, as we looked for our current sound. That being said there is still quite a strong “Psy” influence in our music.

MCBN: You both come from different musical backgrounds, does that influence production when you are working on a track together?

EW- Most definitely! Both of us have a very wide and very different spectrum of music which has influenced us over the years. Usually what happens when we putting some stuff down, the opposite influences clash and create something that’s very different to what we had in mind and perhaps might not even have thought of.  We often like to use production techniques used in different genres and incorporate it into breaks. We prefer this way instead of using the standard formulas currently used when making breaks.  Mashing up genres and techniques is a great way to obtain an original sound. Something that is very important to us.

MCBN: Which artists have influenced your sound along the way? Local or international artists?

EW- Big influences early on were made up of acts like Stanton Warriors, Plump Dj’s, Bassbin Twins, Chemical Brothers, Elite Force and Daft Punk. As our sound evolved we started listening more to artists like Justice, Feed Me, Bloody Beetroots, Noisia and Far Too Loud (To get that really heavy dirty bass sound). Recently we have been getting into more of the up and coming artists around the world. Guys like Freerange Dj’s and Lethalness. Both these acts are writing killer music right now and taking the breaks world by storm. They are among the newest influencers of breaks currently. It is great to see what they are writing and which direction they are taking the scene. Being one of a very small bunch of producers making breaks in SA, there hasn’t really been too much influence from local producers. But one producer in Cape Town we really like is Soundproof (the beat maker for local act Jam Jarr) He has got some skills and is one talented producer. There has certainly been some stuff he has done which we have really enjoyed. That being said Mix n Blend is another local act we have a lot of respect for. Awesome tracks and amazing production! If we ever decided to make dubstep we would be looking in their direction.

MCBN: You have just released your latest EP – Walking On Water which has some HUGE remixes from artists all over the world, could we expect an album any time soon or are you going to stick to EP’s for now?

EW- Yeah “Walking On Water” was a great release for us, especially with all the remixes from some excellent international as well as local producers. To be honest at this stage I don’t see an Enough Weapons album coming out anytime soon. The digital age of music is very different to how things used to be before the whole “online” music revolution. Music seems to have a much shorter “shelf life” these days and before you realize it something new is released. It’s the beauty and curse of online music sales I guess. We love the fact that we can write a 3 or 4 track EP and release it with relative ease. The labels who are all in such competition with each other, promote every release as if it was an album anyway so its win win. Labels have a constant supply of music and we can release music more frequently to stay fresh. For now our plan is continue releasing EP’s and work on remixes. Once we feel our name is established enough to warrant an album, then we will think about taking that on. At some point last year we had an offer from a label to put out an album, but we felt it wasn’t the right time for us, so decided to wait.

MCBN: Who would win in an arm wrestle between you two guys?

EW- I think Stuart would. You may not think so, but he will take you out, or rather me out!

MCBN: What are your thoughts on the breaks scene in Cape Town?

EW- To say that breaks is a “dirty word” in Cape Town is quite an understatement. Over the last few years’ breaks has had a very difficult time surviving, especially with the increased popularity of genres like Electro House and Dubstep. That being said we have definitely noticed an increased awareness recently, especially in 2010. It has been great. Clubs and promoters have started booking more breaks orientated acts and DJ’s and there is no question about the increase in support from them for breakbeat. You just have to have a look at this last New Years’ Rezonance party. They had General Midi, one of the biggest icons in breakbeat playing the prime slot on the Technodubfest Floor. If that isn’t saying something I don’t know what is. Even more importantly, there seems to be a lot more new DJ’s interested in breaks and a lot of these guys are doing their own events. This is how you grow a genre and there are quite a few people getting involved. All of this makes us excited about the future of the breaks scene in Cape Town.

MCBN: If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be and why?

EW- Right now I think the biggest wish for us would be to work with Far Too Loud. He has been such an influence in what we do, and one of the best producers writing breaks and electro right now. Collaborating with him would be killer.

MCBN: We saw you guys destroy Rezonance with General Midi then again at Assembly then most recently at the i LOVE bass event. Where else can we see you guys in the near future?

EW- Right now our next big gig will be at this years Ramfest . We played there a couple of years ago, and are really excited to be back. We are currently waiting for confirmation on another gig coming soon. So check out our fan page to be kept up to date.

MCBN: What are your top three tracks at the moment?


1-      The Boomzers – Rowentah (Far Too Loud Remix)

2-      Odissi, D. Ramirez, Meat Kaite- Stop The Revolution (Bassbin Twins Remix)

3-      Lethalness- Dem Tings

MCBN: When you are not DJ’ing and producing sick breaks, what do your days consist of?

EW- Usually when not writing beats working on our label On a Break Records. That keeps me pretty busy, otherwise working on our other label that we are part of, Disasterpeace Records. Both take up a large amount of time between writing. Stuart is usually working on his other 2 acts that he is involved in. In fact I don’t think he does anything besides write music?

MCBN: Now for the infamous “Would You Rather” question:

Would you rather wear rollerblades every time you left the house, where ever you went, night and day?


Would you rather shave your head before each gig and play remixes of Justin Bieber classics?

EW- I think the rollerblades option wins. I don’t think we could handle having anything to do with Justin Bieber! Besides it might be fun to DJ wearing rollerblades.

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