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We were lucky enough to sit down with two of the biggest names in the business and after a while pursuing their solo careers, the two Israeli trance-maestros Yoni Oshrat (also known as Ace Ventura) and Roy Tilbor (also known as Rocky) have joined together to form the new project Easy Riders.

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MCBN: Thanks for chatting to us guys. First things first, how did you meet and form this powerful duo?

ER:We have know each other since our teen years and that’s quite a long while back. One day, when both of our careers were already in full swing, we decided to make a track together. It was called Dr.Lupo and the workflow was really good, as were the reactions to it – so we decided to make it a regular thing and Easy riders started to roll.

MCBN: Together, you have formed a formidable sound of progressive psytrance, a combination of all genres of psy fused together. How does it work in studio? Does Ace lead or Roy?

ER: It goes both ways, one of us starts with an idea and a basic feel, and passes it to the other – and it bounces back and forth a few times. Its rare that we physically start a track together, as most of our tracks are done online! Its been working pretty good so far.

MCBN: You released your RELOADED ep in October last year. Can we expect any new material at Love and Light?

ER:Yes you can, other than live edits of our older tracks, there are few new remixes we will unleash for the first time in this very party.

MCBN: Following onto the previous question, what can Cape Town expect from Easy Riders on the 8th of March?

ER: We have a new strip show integrated into our live act. It will blow your minds. (Editor: Exciting stuff)

MCBN: You always find that working with another artist you can allow your creativity to flow on an endless stream of ideas, bouncing off the other person continually.  Who do you both enjoy working with on collaborative projects?

Yoni: I love making music with Wouter (Zen Mechanics) and Reshef (Captain Hook). I also recently made another track with Astrix which I really enjoyed working on.

Roy : It is very hard for me to name one or another, there are many good options and from each one I learned and improved in different ways.

MCBN: What has been your favourite festival across the world to play at?

Yoni: We are both involved in this scene for so many years, and had a lot of great ones. But for me the top two are definitely Ozora and Boom. This year Easy riders will also perform in Ozora.

Roy : I have been in many great and amazing festivals but the one I would choose to be my favorite would be Rainbow Serpent in Australia.

MCBN: If you could sit down and enjoy a night of tequila’s with any 3 people out there, who would it be and why?

Yoni: For me its Raja Ram and Duvdev from Infected. Raja is just inspiring to hang around with, and Duvdev is the funniest person I know on this earth. Third, I would say the writer Aldous Huxley, a very interesting fellow, although someone would need to resurrect him for that.

Roy : Leonard Cohen, Jack Nicholson, and my wife .

MCBN: What are your top three tracks you have in your music player at the moment?


Liquid stranger – Rapture

Pspiralife – Shambala

Desert dwellers – Seeing things (James Monro remix)

Roy :

SonKite – Jukebox –  ( Antix Remix )

Bakke – Bird org –  ( Atmos Remix )

NOK – Teleport

MCBN: Thanks for the chat guys, we’ll see you in March!

ER: Can’t wait guys. See you soon.

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