Interview | Dylan Munro

MCBN: Dylan, you are relatively new to Cape Town, what made you move down from Johannesburg?

Howsit going! Well, first of all, I would like to thank MCBN for having this interview with me. I moved to Cape Town in February 2015 & the main reason why was because I enrolled at Cape Audio College. Johannesburg for me us just too rushed and too stressful, there was atmosphere but no scenery. When I came to Cape Town during the 2014 December holidays that’s when I decided it’s where I want to be.

MCBN: Give us the background to the Dylan Munro lifestyle, how did your career as an artist begin?

Well when I was younger, about 4-5, I would put gumboots on and bang on djembe drums at my grandfather’s house. I was obviously too young to realise that I was musical but my family noticed. Early primary school I was learning music theory as well as how to play the recorder. I didn’t do anything else until I was 16 and I joined my school choir and started piano lessons. During this time I was already being exposed to electronic music through my friends & media. I would spend hours with some mates mixing house & fidget in their garages. I also started clubbing around this time so I was exposed to big artists & a diverse variety of electronic music. By the end of high school, I was in love with Deep House & Techno yet I never anticipated that I would pursue a career in the industry. I wasted a year after high school studying something I had no interest in and eventually I decided that the music industry is where I want to be, and that brought me to Cape Town where I was studying at Cape Audio College. I’ve been DJ’ing since then and I won’t be stopping anytime soon.

MCBN: Name two local and two international artists who have inspired you to follow your passion for music.

Well, locals would be STAB Virus which is a duo consisting of two good mates of mine, Makonwabe & Siphe. As well as Ryan Murgatroyd. Both acts extremely talented and in my eyes are inspiring many young artists, such as myself, to pursue their passion for music as well as to achieve the goals you set for yourself. My two internationals would definitely be Kastis Torrau & PHCK. Their music just inspires me, hard to explain but I just feel most emotion when listening to them.

MCBN: Cape Town has seen your name again & again in multiple night clubs here. How have you managed to consistently get bookings in this past year?

I’ve realised that in Cape Town socialising with the promoters & even the club owners is extremely important. Building relationships and connections with different brands & events. Posting mixes and sending them to influential people in the clubbing scene. Promoting yourself, using social media to your advantage. I rate everything you do regarding yourself as an artist will be a factor. Be humble, help other DJ’s where you can, practice to improve your own skills… Compete with yourself. If you can be a better DJ tomorrow than what you were yesterday you are already improving.

MCBN: You are known as a DJ but there is talk about you taking on production. Tell us more about these rumours.

I started producing at the end of high school, mainly on FL studio, but nothing that really sounded appealing haha. I did, however, get hooked on the fact that I was creating something nobody else has. When I was at Cape Audio most of my time was spent in the beat factories (Studios). This year I have been producing during my down time and I will be releasing off a local label soon so keep your eyes peeled.

MCBN: Who would you like to collaborate and work with that you HAVEN’T already had the chance to, and why?

I will always be up for collaborations with local artists, if I had to choose I would definitely collab with my boys from STAB Virus & SecondNature as well as my homie Kenny Dolo aka Dark Light.

MCBN: What are your three secret weapons you pull out on the dance floor?

Hahaha. They are MY secret weapons but music is for sharing. I recently came across a track by “Comuno” named Drunken Desert (Original Mix) the others I’ll let you hear on the dance floor.

MCBN: Thank you for sharing with us Dylan, is there anything you would like to say to Cape Town?

Anytime big thanks to you guys for the interview. Cape Town it has honestly been an incredible 2 & a half years. I really look forward to the many more moments to share & the endless memories to be made. Much love.

Instagram: @dylanmunro_za
SoundCloud: https://www.soundcloud/djdylanmunroza
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