Interview: Ducking Fogshow


When I first heard the name “Ducking Fogshow”, the immediate thing that sprang to mind was “canine fellatio”, and knowing these two musical entrepreneurs rather well, it seemed quite fitting. While previously known for being shirts off, face down, feet up on an abandoned farm, listening to trance music during the summer months, these eclectic representations of everything Cape Town’s music scene has to offer are currently the greatest scientific achievements since they managed to make that famous eight legged bird, the “octochicken”. And while only one of them grows feathers there is little doubt that these two Lucking Fegends are flying high in the mother city right now!

MCBN: We really want to know how you came up with the name Ducking Fogshow, please enlighten us guys!

Ducking Fogshow: Well on the night of our first impromptu set we decided we had to come up with a name no matter what happens before the end of the night. The night turned out to be ducking fisaster, so in our state all we could come up with was Fucking Dogshow, we realised that it was slightly controversial so we had to give it a little sneaky spoonerism. Look in the morning we were exactly stoked we settled on Ducking Fogshow, but we decided to make it work.

MCBN: We all had dreams of being super hero’s when we were kids, if you were to be any super hero, who would it be?

Dave: Treasure identifier man, who can see and sense treasures within a Hectare.

Nick: I never had a child hood, i was born a fully grown eighteen year old.

MCBN: I heard about this party, the Cape Town Music Festival at the CTICC  this Saturday that you guys are DJing at, tell us a little more about that event? What style of music can we expect you guys play?

Ducking Fogshow: The event is an exciting one, it’s got a world class setup with world class rig and in my eyes world class acts. The Cape Town Music scene has got a lot to offer the world, I am glad we finally have a chance to show them. The previous organisers at the cticc, Cool Britannia were living in dream land if they were expecting 32 days of 4000 party people. Actually now that I think about it they are borderline Down syndrome for wasting so much money.  A ducking Fogshow set is usually a mash up of genre’s mainly focussing on big drops. We like music too much to box us into one genre, the music styles we like to play are Electro, Techno, progressive house and Psy-trance.  On Saturday we are playing After Pascal & Pearce (electro) and before Bruce (psy-trance) so we have an interesting transition period to play around with.  Just get ready for some big baselines.

MCBN: Is there any truth about these rumours of the Ducking Fogshow being the youngest act to ever headline an event in Ibiza back in 2004?

Ducking Fogshow: Haha yeah that was fun, we played a quick 45 minute set after Trentemoller and Before Carl Cox. Then we went back to back with Lady Gaga (before she was famous) the next night.

MCBN: If you could DJ next to anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Ducking Fogshow: Oh my tough question, our favourites would be Laid Back luke, Felix Cartel, Trentemoller, Dave Matthews Band and Deadmau5.

MCBN: You are both Liverpool supporters, that sucks… To the next questions!

Ducking Fogshow: Come on the mighty Reds!!!

MCBN: So tell us your thoughts on the Cape Town music scene? Would you say are your favourite local DJ’s and producers here in Cape Town

Ducking Fogshow: The Cape Town music scene is unique. We are up there with the best in the world, just don’t get the exposure and the numbers that we deserve. The Trance music scene in Cape Town is Beautiful, every weekend in Summer you get at least  over 1000 crazy trancers driving Miles to get out to these isolated beautiful locations, when you are there the energy is incredible!!! Not to mention our psy-trance producers are some of the best in the world. Definitely a tourist attraction.

Our Favorite Dj’s and producers are

Ducking Fogshow: Pascal & Pearce – After living last year with these 2 one realises how much time and effort they put into their music, it’s a full time profession for them.

The SoulCandi crew (Ryan Murgatryd, Kosta K, lil phil) are doing wonders for the industry!!! Their school is pumping out brilliant young producers and they are making some great music themselves.

There is some Magical stuff going Down at the Red Bull Music studio, they are recording and growing some of South Africa’s Biggest acts. Big up to Ivan (killer robot, dj low) Steve (audiophile021) and Richard (Richard the 3rd) all 3 of these guys are dj/prodcurs of the highest level.

I think the assembly needs a bit of a mention for doing so well lately and giving our artists a great platform to perform. Nice work.

We dig el Gordo as a dj, he has a great ear and is growing constantly too which is important. I have never heard him mess up a mix or play a terrible song.

Haezer of course, is gangsta, would prefer to see him play on cd jays just for the show, but we love the music he makes and love watching him.

Dean Fuel  also had alot to do with our introduction  to electro and progressive house and deserves a mention  for being  really consistent on the local and national scene.

Anthea, Broken toy, Bruce, commercial hippies, Grave Danger, MEY, Yor father, Deadbeat fm, Deliriant, are some of our other favourites.

 (give us a festival with all these dj’s mentioned please) – Kreg: I have to agree with you boy’s on this!

MCBN: So have you guys been overseas at all?

Ducking Fogshow: We went on a month long tour to London, Then Spain, then Italy, then Amsterdam. It was number 1. Our friend s lama, the Law, James and Magels all came. We hadn’t started djing then but as we say, it was number 1.

MCBN: Now for the dreaded MCBN “would you rather” question:

Would you rather DJ at Bronx the whole of Friday night for the next 3 months both in pink speedo’s playing a mix of Usher, DJ Sammy and a little Britney Spears


Walk to Durban with luis Suarez from Uruguay in size 5 ice skates.

Ducking Fogshow: We would like to answer that question with a riddle.

What do you use too, brush your teeth with, sit on and write with?

Thanks for chatting to us boys, we’ll see you behind the decks this Saturday!

Catch the Ducking Fogshow along with a host of others at The Cape Town Electronic Music Festival at the CTICC

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  1. lovely interview… two of the most spastically ridiculous humans i know. but they love what they do and they do it very well. look to the future, these guys will be grand. and sherman's just a toy box for the ladies!

  2. Dave: I was going to go with the same thing!!!

    But thanks to the boys from Ducking Fogshow for the interview, very nicely said and I really enjoyed your guys answer about our scene and producers/DJs… I have to agree 100%

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