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MCBN: How did you guys come up with the name Double Adapter?

Dan: ha ha, this dreaded question. we are not quite sure. My nick name at high school was adapter for a while so my buddy Danny claims he came up with it. More then likely its the fact that our surname is Apter and there are two of us.
MCBN: When did you guys decide, we are going to take this to the next level and become a DJ duo?

Dan: It all kinda started out as a mistake. I was DJ’ing in a group called the Brothers Grimm and my partner in crime, Casioheart, couldn’t make the show. Tim stepped in and we just kinda carried on from there.

Tim: The cool thing is that we’re not really a typical duo because we have different roles in the act. Dan is on visuals/lights/table dancing, and I’m on beats/tequila/jumping!

MCBN: Being brothers – fighting does happen, do you ever fight over who gets the next track? Who stages dives at what gig? Seems like there is some good brotherly loving on stage, besides the head banging etc

Dan: Fighting normally only occurs the next morning when we are both hung over and have to catch a flight. We love the same music but im trying to inforce  a 2 dubstep limit, tim disagrees.

Tim: Haha, yeah I’m trying hard at the moment to include DoubleAdapterDubStep – Dan and I don’t really like Dubstep much to be honest, but when its fused with trashy electro sounds it becomes an awesome weapon! Dan won’t admit it, but he’s being slightly swayed to a bit of half tempo distortion every now and then 🙂

MCBN: You guys do a full show, it’s not just DJing when you on the stage. Do you guys rehearse anything prior to a gig?

Dan: We will normally sit down together and figure out a little bit of the stuff we are gonna play and when so we have an idea of whats coming but mostly its alcohol improvised.

Tim: Yeah, we have a pool of tracks that we love and some people associate with our DJ sets, but we mix it up heavily with edits of new tracks, old tracks, and downright strange tracks. I’ll often just yell over to Dan if something specific is coming up… and if he’s in the mood for something, he’ll yell it straight back at me!

MCBN: Would you mind giving us a quick run down of your most recent Adapt or Die European tour you guys just came back from?

Dan: Fuck thats a hard one. id have to say Joburg, Munich, Hilversum, Amsterdam, Hilversum, The Hague, Hilversum, Utrecht, Hilversum, Amsterdam, Munich, Prague, Nurmburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Brixen, Chiemsee, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Landshut, Munich, Joburg and watch the doccie!

Tim: Haha, yeah now THERE’S a decent timeline! It was a crazy trip, but I think its best expressed through the documentary – the first half of the long form airs tonight (20 May, MK, 9pm), and the second half on June 3 (MK, 9pm)… But there are short tour vignettes going up all the time – links at the bottom!

MCBN: What are your top three tracks at the moment?

Dan: Ira Atari – Disaster, Shy Child – liquid love, The Toxic Avenger – Saloperie de minimale
Tim: I run through tracks so fast! Damn.

MCBN: Who would win in an arm wrestle?

Dan: Tim
Tim: Unanimous!

MCBN: Can you tell us a little abit about what we can expect from Adapt or Die tour in Italy, the Youtube teasers are mind blowing!

Dan: Well the doccie spans more then just italy, it stops off in every city we went to. Italy is nuts! The drinking age is 16 so people are mental. Apart from stage dives and a lot of drinking you can expect to see me throwing a tantrum at a train station after half an hours sleep.

Tim: Haha, yeah Dan Apter throws a good tantrum! We’re really proud of the teasers – I think they show the tour and the way we like to party in a pretty honest but cinematic way. You can expect crazy German/Italian/Czech kids throwing down, you can expect interviews with some great international producers and DJ’s, and you can expect some hilarious antics on bicycles in Amsterdam.

MCBN: Could we expect any production in the near future from Double Adapter? I think that would top off the LIVE show perfectly.

Dan: yeah production is coming! we have been so obsessed with the live show and other side projects that its been hard to sit down and get it out but over the next few months you can definitely expect to see something out.

Tim: Yup, incoming. We LOVE being purely DJ’s – at the moment we re-edit and rebuild tracks we love into a big fat evolving sound track to a night – so there is already an element of production to our sets, we ONLY play Double-Adapter edits. But in terms of 100% original material and a few remixes… watch this space.

MCBN: Where do you prefer DJing? Cape Town or JHB? Shitty question I know…

Dan: Yeah I can’t really answer that question without bias – The Assembly and Fiction are great and playing at home in JHB is always a treat but Crux Club in Munich is crazy!

Tim: I hate to admit it, but Assembly is my favourite venue in South Africa. The only reason I hate to admit it is because we’re not from Cape Town, though! I do have a very special place in my heart for Town Hall in Joburg – we’ve had some awesome awesome shows there in the past.

MCBN: If you could play alongside any DJ/Musician – Dead or alive, who would it be?

Dan: 2 Many DJ’s, Night Versions and Soulwax, technically thats one act.

Tim: Agreed, 100%.

MCBN: What are your thoughts on the South African electronic music scene at the moment?

Dan: The SA electronic music is growing in leaps and bounds at the moment and its really great to be a part of it and watch it grow around us. More and more from different backgrounds of musical taste are starting to get into it and its when all these sub cultures clash that things are going to get really interesting. 

Tim: Yeah, we had an absolute mind fuck the other day because we played on 5FM and the response was….. incredible! We’d kinda thought we’d get hate mail with our style on 5, but it just shows that electro, in all its forms, is being embraced by the public. We have this joke that is *kinda* serious these days – when we play at H20, we’ll know that SA audiences have caught up with European trends… and when we catch up… oh man, things are going to get awesome.

MCBN: And finally, the dreaded “would you rather ” question:

Would you rather attend every Kurt Darren/Steve Hofmeyer event for the rest of your live?
Would you grow dreadlocks, turn into a kwaito infused dutch house band and only play gigs at retirement homes?

Dan: shit, tough one. i like your style. think ill go for Hofmeyer and Darren gigs. those guys cant live forever and im sure brandy and coke will flow!
Tim: God I hate dutch house. Kurt and Steve will be our HOMIES!


 Youtube Teasers:

Pictures: Gabbi Harris

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