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  1. What an honour it is to chat to the man HIMSELF. Thanks for taking the time to chat to us Andreas. We thought we would never get the chance to see you play in Cape Town again after you announced you were not going to be DJ’ing anymore but to our surprise you were added to the 20 years of Vortex line up. What are your thoughts on being on the bill of such an incredible event? And  What made you decide to come back to play in Cape Town one last time?


Good Morning and the honour is always also on my side. Because a DJ is nothing without the audience and organizer , this people made us in the end. You can be the best DJ in the world but without the chance to play on a party  nobody will knows you. After the last time at the Vortex I said  that I don’t like to go anymore to play parties outside Europe because after my accident and the handicap with my legs it was a massive pain for me to survive a long flight like this one and it was a nightmare to play with pain like this in my legs. Grant found a solution that I have a better and more comfortable situation on this 15 hours journey to the Vortex. For me, the Vortex is not only a event or a party it is always for me like I’m going home. And beside I have the feeling that I play with and for friends and this makes this event for me a special journey. And my thoughts are hopefully I can give all the people what they expect from me- and this makes me slowly nervous

  1. We’ll never forget that set you played at the New Year’s Vortex in 2006/7 where you had the opportunity of playing a 6 hour set. Do you prefer the longer sets allowing yourself to take the crowd on a journey as you like to call it?

This is a clever question and you get now a long answer. I think we have 2 kinds of DJs in the world. The 1th are DJs who select the  best track – they take it in a folder on a Notebook ,put it on a USB Stick or write it on a piece of paper . They go on the Stage- play this music one after the other ,  how they  sorted  this before at home . They have time to do some -hands in the air and shout to the people comedy because they don’t have to think about what they play as next or what they have to do. Nice job -its like you cooking every weekend the same fast food for hungry people It taste good- everybody get something to eat -that’s it. Is this a DJ or a human Music Box? The other are going on a Party – they try to feel the vibe of the people and start to think about the music what they have in the case. In the end they don’t know what they are doing. They go on the Stage and play this what they think is the right Music for this Moment-and it is not a question if this tracks are old or new -this track has to be made for this moment. And when they feel that they catch the Vibe of the people and they get the support from the floor. As deeper they  fall into this music – they play and play and play -it is like a long dream As longer you play as more ideas you get and as more support from the floor you get as deeper you fall in this game. It’s like a big rush what is going over you . The music becomes to drug and you like to take more of this. All this emotion what you get from the audience or also from the music catch you and you are one with all. You are in Trance with your own music. You don’t like to talk , you don’t like to shout ,you don’t like to play Stage Comedy and sometimes you don’t have the time to smile. (my biggest problem -because the people like to see you smile ) You Mind , your Body and your Soul melt with all other around you and at this moment you are one with the party. And as longer you play as better you feel. After your Set it is like you wake up- you feel  empty – you don’t like to speak or something else -it is like you came down from a Trip. You try to find a place where you can recover yourself , you feel very good but also like burned out . This is real DJing and every DJ can be happy to play how long it is possible. Because in 1,5 or 2 Hours it is nearly not possible to come on this point of your work

  1. You’ve released the “Tales From The Man In The Moon” earlier this year in February on Iono Music with Drukverdeler and Hi Profile. Can you tell us a bit about this EP and where we can find it? We love the fact that each track is a solid 9 minutes long.

As DJ you play Music what is always not your own. Sure it is your taste of Music but it is made by other. I think there is no better feeling on the Stage when you see people who are dancing and smile to music what you did . It was since Years my dream to do my own Music because it is a new experience and you can do something what is 100 % yours.  But I had not the time to learn this from the ground , money  for the studio and the patience to start all again from nothing. Michiel (Drukverdeler ) I know since Years from my work as Label manager @ YSE and we have the same mind and taste of music. Beside he is working at ASUS Computer and he did before Music as Mad Contrabender and what is the most important Story – We have a good friendship. So he was for me the first person where I feel  really to go with him in a Studio-I was sure it was working. To arrange a Track like all other is not the biggest Problem – a real problem is to give this track your own note and taste and our major Problem was to create some good melodies. So you try to ask other Artist for help. Tasos (Hi Profile) is for me since 2 Years the best Producer who has the talent to create melodic , floor kicking morning Trance . I love some of his tracks and they are always in my Sets.  So I contact him and ask for help – and on this way one came to the other and the Man in the Moon Release was born. But for us was sure that we don’t like to write only 3 Tracks , we like to tell the people a Story from a Man who is doing a Voyage (Track 1) to the Moon – He see this Wasteland (Track 2) and became in the end to the famous Man in the Moon (Track3) And some Story are not spoken or written in 6 minutes. In the end we was happy what we did but not happy with the production at all – but we learned  from this work with Tasos and we got more help from other producer. Now we are very near to close or new EP – Children of the Night- and this will be for sure a big step forward for us – because this moment all sound like it has to be. And I am nearly sure that I can play 3 /4 Tracks on the Vortex and I can see if we are right or wrong. Man in the Moon is evadible on Beatport and iTunes . A first preview from Children of the Night  /Live Sets and more music from us you will find on Soundcloud /mrdjbim

  1. You have seen the Cape Town scene in full force, what are your thoughts about Cape Town and the trance scene down this side of the world? How does it compare to Europe etc?

The most Parties in Europe are dominated by this commercial Off Beat Sound like Neelix ,Symphonix or other Producer like this. For me has this nothing more to do with Trance Music. I feel  boarding when I listen to this Music because all sounds the same and with this music came a different kind of people to the Parties . Sure it is nice to for the organizer but we lose the roots of our movement. The Parties became to a Open Air Disco-not more. But Money makes the world go round.  1 Floor is not enough because the people are not more into the real Party concept. Dark Floor on the right, Progressive on the left , Goa Floor on the Top. Our Music and philosophy  is cut in pieces and as well the energy on the floor. Nothing is how it was and has to be . But there are still lights in this darkness . Where the People still understand and like to celebrate  the real spirit  and Culture of our music. One Party -one floor -all music styles are one – A Concept in Dance -and South Africa is for sure one of this lights in this world where this is still happen.

  1. Do you prefer playing during the day or during the night?

I like to see how my music works on the floor (positive or negative) , I like to see the smile of the people and how they dance . And this is only with daylight possible and I think my taste of music is made for this time

  1. You’ve work alongside multiple legendary artists and labels within the psy trance scene, who has been your favourite artist/label to collaborate & work with?

I have no favourite Label or Artists because all Label or Artist have bad and good releases. But I like really this Ambient and Lounge Stuff from Alex Tronic Records in Scotland. What this Guys are doing is for me outstanding in producing of real music But in the end : So long label and artists keep with their work and money or music alive – they are all my favourite  

  1. Can you tell what your top three songs in your player are at this very moment?

You mean beside our new EP (smile) ?

1. Symbolic – Wake Up Remix (The best what they ever did)
2. Vertical Mode -Vice Versa Remix (This Band is for me a real blast)
3. Outsiders -Crossing FX ( A dynamic Monster)

Bonus:  Radial – Crystal Meth – for me the best new  Artist Track this Year – Even when I don’t like the title -this track is fantastic and I hope I don’t forget to play him out on the Vortex

  1. What has been your favourite/most enjoyable festival to play at across the world, and why?

Here  I have a problem. I don’t play no more big parties around the world. And this is not about me.

A lot of big organizer don’t like to book me about they say that I am a commercial Label Manager . They don’t like my work because they have the opinion that I am with my work not  Goa (smile). Even when we spent more as 40.000 € every year to other label and Artists and this is for a few label a big help – I am the wanker in the scene . Maybe they are right because I sold now nearly 100.000 CDs with my Name on it and even when I made no money with this – this is commercial. But is it not commercial when you are doing festival with more as 15.000 people and you take 150 € at the Gate ? and I am sure after this festival they have more money on the account as I did in my whole life with this label work and I feel  every sorry that we have not the same style of hairs –  I don’t look  like a Goa DJ .

No Joke -On the other side I have my price and there are enough DJs around who likes to play for free on the festival – for their own profile. That’s not my world. Sure I plaid in the past a lot of parties around the world but there are only 2 parties where I left a piece of me.

It is for sure the Vortex and in Portugal the ZNA Gathering- This is a massive Old School Event  with the oldest of the oldest Artists . It is not alone the feeling to go back for a few days in our good old times and have fun with some old friends. Also here the organizer are very open minded and welcome me as a friend and not only as artist. On the most parties I have the feeling I am only a tool where you can make money with- Come -Play -Go- that is all what we want from you. But I think it is always better when you give the artists the feeling that he is welcome and not only a tool. And that you are also interested in the person behind the DJ Name- It is for sure better that the DJ has the feeling he plays for friends and not  only for the money – and this moment it is this happen for me only on this 2 events.

Expect a lot of small parties here in Germany. Where I feel really home.

  1. Playing at large festivals can allow you to see some very interesting things. Can you tell us what the craziest thing is that you’ve seen while DJ’ing?

 I think on every party you see something crazy – but I will never forget something where I became nearly a red face. I played in Club where you really can do what you like to do. There was a bed on the end of the floor- and the people did that on the bed what you are doing with your partner their -when you understand- and when I open my eyes really I saw that they did it not only in the bed- it was very strange to keep the focus on my work and not what is going on around me. This was very crazy. Because i am also only a Man and to keep this time my emotions under control was very strange. And yes -i left straight after the set this Club because i am only a Man and i love my wife . And it has to be always only  a Job

     10. What can the Cape Town crowd expect from your set at Vortex this December?

I try to do always my best . But i have something in my mind . I have 4 hours time to create a real  trance set with all kind and style of our music-when it works and all went well -it will be a deep journey into our world of progressive and psychedelic  trance-

hopeful it will be happen

See you soon.

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  1. What a great description of getting into the zone with the party people. Wish I could experience a set from the great man one day

    1. Get to Vortex this December. It honestly could be the last time you see the man in action in Cape Town. We’ve been lucky enough to see him 3 times, and each time has been just as good. A true psychedelic pioneer!

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