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Shane and Piers make up the deadly tech duo of Deadbeat FM. We were lucky enough to chat to them about how they started Deadbeat FM, winning record deals as well as what we can expect in terms of future work including some huge collaboratiobs, life in the city of JHB and who would in an arm wrestle?

MCBN: How did you guys meet and come up with the final product of Deadbeat FM?

DeadbeatFM: We’ve been friends since school, and when Shane moved back to Joburg we discovered tech house music together. We both love sharing good music and playing it to the masses, so we decided to put together our own act, which eventually developed into Deadbeat FM.

MCBN: You both come from different musical backgrounds, Shane from the psychedelic scene and Piers – the breaks scene. Do you both combine those elements when producing a track or how does it work?

DeadbeatFM: We definitely have our own preferences of sounds and styles that we like, as well as a mutual feel for the elements that we enjoy from tech house.  Whether its breaky, techy or trancey, if we both agree that it works in the track and sounds cool, we’ll lay it down.

MCBN: You guys have produced a fair amount of sick tracks/remixes already, what equipment are using??

DeadbeatFM: We use PC, with Cubase SX 5, a MIDI controller, a couple of VSTs and a Virus TI Desktop.

MCBN: You two live on the tough streets of JHB, which of you two would win in an arm wrestle?

DeadbeatFM: Shane would definitely win – since he moved to Joburg he klaps gym 2 – 3 times a day. Boet!

MCBN: You guys have got a very darker, high energy, techno sound, I like to call it – psy tech! Who are your favourite local acts and international acts, and who would you say has influenced your sound?

DeadbeatFM: Psy tech is definitely the sort of style we’re going for, we’re hoping the big trance festivals in Cape Town will eventually recognise us as an act that could fit in sometime during the day. We love the Iboga Records stuff.. Ace Ventura, Quantize, Perfect Stranger, Astronivo, and the more techy stuff like Riktam & Bansi, Weekend Heroes, Spartaque, Khainz, D-Nox & Beckers etc.. The list goes on, but those are some of our biggest influences when we produce.

MCBN: When you are not out DJ’ing or working on Deadbeat FM tracks, what are you guys doing with yourselves?

DeadbeatFM: We both work during the day, so that keeps us pretty busy. Other than that, gymming 3 times a day, snorting creatine, causing fights at under-18 clubs and wearing shitloads of vests.

MCBN: What are your three favourite tracks at the moment?

DeadbeatFM: Meat Katie – Sutter

Weekend Heroes – Fear Factor

Worakls – Purple Sunset (Andrea Bertolini Remix)

MCBN: You guys have been signed to LOT49 (by winning a remix competition) and have just completed another remix competition for D-Nox & Beckers. Can you tell us a little bit about the competition and in terms of releases, what we can expect from Deadbeat FM in the future?

DeadbeatFM: The competition gave producers the opportunity to remix one of D-Nox & Beckers’ latest tracks ‘Call me’, and seeing that they’re two of our favourite artists, we quickly got involved. We ended up placing third in the competition, and our remix has since been released on Baroque Records. It was an honour to have been chosen by them, and we hope to do some more work with them in the future. In terms of releases, we have quite a lot of stuff planned. We’re doing a remix for Nick Grater (Teknotribe), we’re doing a track with Odissi, a  LOT49 vocalist, plus a few collaborations with the likes of Artech (Brazil) and the huge Pascal & Pearce, which we’re amped about! We’re hoping to have a track on a LOT49 anniversary compilation next year as well.  

D-Nox & Beckers – Call Me (Deadbeat FM Remix) by DeadbeatFM

MCBN: Where do you prefer DJing? Cape Town or Joburg? What is the main difference for you?

DeadbeatFM: They’re both very different cities, but tech house seems to be enjoyed by both, so we’re happy wherever we play. Cape Town is more student life, hippy, trance-ish vibes, and Joburg is more commercial with a slightly older crowd at the parties. As long as they’re enjoying our music, we’re happy, but if we had to choose – Cape Town.

MCBN: The dreaded would you rather question:

Would you rather be blind and have no legs?


Would you rather be deaf and have no arms?

DeadbeatFM: Piers spends the majority of his life coming up with ridiculous would you rather situations, so instead of answering that, we’ll return the favour: Would you rather have feathers for pubes, or have your cheeks the same texture as your balls?

MCBN: Hmmm… That is a tough one. I think I might have to go with the feathers, chicks dig feathers… Don’t they?

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