Interview| Day.Din (Germany)

MCBN: First of all, we are very excited to have you down in Cape Town on Friday at Trinity and in JHB on Saturday at ESP. How much do you know about the South African psy trance scene and what do you expect from your upcoming events down here.

Well, I always had South Africa in my mind lately as a place that I really wanted to visit someday. I was even thinking about having my vacation here 2 years ago. The last thing that I’ve heard about the psytrance scene down here was maybe 10 years ago when Fabio & Mapusa Mapusa got the opportunity to play in Cape Town. So I appreciate this opportunity a lot and I hope that the crowd gets some kinda insane music experience.

MCBN: When did you begin producing/DJing and how did it all come about?

Starting to produce trance was a pure coincidence. I started to play DJ sets when I was 18 years old and got really disappointed that nobody wanted to book me. A good friend advised me to make my own tunes, so then people would start booking me as a DJ, no matter how good or bad my music will be. Having this in my mind, one evening I installed a music program called Fruity Loops, just being curious to see what the program was all about – 10 years later I’m here …
MCBN: Hailing from Hamburg in Europe where there are massive festivals all the time… What sticks out in your mind as the most memorable, awesome party you have ever played at and why?

It’s difficult to name just one and maybe also unfair. And what a bad world it would be if I could only name one … I love festivals stuffed with a lot of the old spirit (e.g. Antaris Project, Wonderland, Summer Never Ends, Universo Parallelo – to name a few) and I appreciate the huge energy in clubs and outdoors like in Switzerland, Brazil or Greece. And last but not least our legendary parties in Hamburg where this movement begun and still remains as a place where I really have to say that I belong to.

MCBN: What are your top three tracks at the moment?

That’s a difficult question, not that I don’t have any. More like not being a DJ anymore, I’m not that updated as maybe Fabio or Benni Moon or Audiomatic. I could name one of my three evergreens quite easily … but be prepared, there are partly really old … Purple & Lunar – Subtle Thrust, Antix – Hiding Place, Yahel – Revolution Trance … but I could name a lot more.

MCBN: Are there any South African DJ’s that you follow and/or enjoy their music?

Well, to be honest not that much. I enjoyed the music of Protoculture in the past, as it was more like progressive fullon. But nowadays … unfortunately not.

MCBN: The progressive trance genre has been making some massive waves across the globe with DJ’s like yourself, Neelix, Vaishiyas, Symphonix & Perfect Stranger to name a few, what got you into progressive trance scene and producing the tunes you are now.

One sense of human being is looking for something – all the time. In the 90’s after visiting my very first progressive party I felt like having one small step done. It’s a feeling you cannot describe, I just belong in this scene, always.

MCBN: Who would win in a bar fight: Snooki (from Jersey Shore) or Miley Cyrus?

Hmmmm … who the hell are they?

MCBN: Could you walk us through a day in the life of Day.Din and tell us what does your studio look like & what equipment are you using?

I’d advise you to wait for “Day.Din – A Life Documentary”. You’re gonna find a lot answers for that particular question. Watch out for the project “The Picture Brothers” on Vimeo & Youtube.

MCBN: If you could remix any song from ANY artist/musician, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Almost any track of my ‘evergreen’ list. Well… I’d like to. If it’s possible, you never know before you try.

MCBN: Playing at festivals across the globe is always an amazing thing, but there are always some insane, wild, crazy things that tend to happen. What do you remember being the craziest thing you have seen while DJing at a party/festival?

There are some unregular things that I have experienced sometime, yes. Well it starts from watching people crying on the dancefloor – you never know if it’s because of you or something else – or taking off their clothers, I mean every fucking piece of it and going nuts. Excepting the clothes thing, Israel is one of the most energetic countries I’ve ever been. The people are enjoying the music like there’s going to be no other morning, believe me. As ironic as it sounds like, for me it’s the land of freedom – like Cosma mentioned in a wonderful track in the past.

MCBN: Lastly, and perhaps more importantly (a question we have yet to fully get a scientific answer for), where do all the socks of the world go? I put two in the wash, and yet only one ever returns! Any insight?

As far as this goes: one returns, the other never looks back!

MCBN: Thanks for chatting to us and we hope you enjoy South Africa.

Event at Trinity: (click here)
Event at ESP: (click here)

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