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Enjoy this recent mix on Soundcloud. It includes 3 original unreleased Dark Light records within the mix.

MCBN:How did the Alias Dark Light begin, as we see that you have a history being a multi-genre producer under your name Kenny Dolo?

Well, Dark Light began over a year ago when I decided to dip into the Techno scene. One evening at home chilling with my Girlfriend and cousin we were coming up with random alias names, besides the fact that the name “Briefcase” popped up we eventually came up with a suitable name “Dark Light” since I love black and white and also the fact that I produced Deep House and now Techno… the bridge between Dark and Light music. Previously I produced under my name “Kenny Dolo”, producing for various artists from Ghana, Hip Hop artists in my community and local Afro House artists, as well as Deep House for myself. I use to play in my local community in the townships and pubs but as time went by, new people came into my life and my influence changed. I love music in general and still love to play house now and again, which I had the opportunity to do so at club ERA quite a bit. Dark Light is a brand on its own, Kenny Dolo is just the man behind it.

MCBN: Tell us about how you got yourself into electronic dance music, and also how you ended up in Techno.

I started producing music in 2009, doing a genre we called Tribal House, then from there progressed and started playing around with Deep House. A few years ago someone broke into my house and stole the heart of everything, my computer, so I was out of the game for almost 2 years trying to recover the urge of getting back into music as an artist. Within those 2 years, I ended up shifting from being an artist to producing for other artists as a ghost producer. I decided to jump into Techno just over a year ago because I found it interesting and as I progress in the Techno scene the more I get deeper into it. My radio show titled “Black Shed”, which I run with my partner Radleigh Wathen (a.k.a PAST EIGHT) also plays a huge role in the type of sound I’m into nowadays. In a nutshell, I just love the genre and music in general as much as a dog that loves bones.

MCBN: In such a short period of time we see that you have accomplished a lot under your new alias and built yourself a steadily growing following on social media. You’ve played the majority of the nightclubs and events in and around CPT, Festivals such as Spiltmilk, not once but twice in a year and your recent trip to Durban for your gig at ORIGIN. How did that impact your brand?

First of all, I just want to acknowledge the people that gave me opportunities to present Dark Light to the audience. First we have the big boss, Patrick Rubuz who owns Club 89 and modular… without his recognition (beside the fact that I know his brother personally) he took interest in me and gave me my first booking at Club 89. From there it was booking after booking from event owners who witness my sets. Also to my boys, Audiojerk, Radleigh Wathen, Dylan Munro, Siphe Tebeka and Lee Conradie to name a few… their recommendations to people about me led me to meet the right people who took a chance on me as a new comer, landing me gigs at Spiltmilk, Diskotopia events, Rocking The Daisies and even getting my first booking in Durban which was an awesome experience.

MCBN: You have a big gig coming up in October, Rocking The Daisies has announced that you are apart of the line up for RTD2017, Congratulations brother. Tell us more about that, what do you have in store for us at Daisies?

Thank you, just by thinking about the festival gives me goose bumps, haha! The gig actually came to me via Siphe Tebeka. He always wanted to play a back-to-back house set with me and when Rocking The Daisies platform presented itself we got booked to go head to head. It will definitely be one for the books because the amount of preparation we are putting into the set is far more than what we have ever presented to a crowd together. We are going to play a live set, including unreleased material of ours exclusive for the Daisies set. It’s going to be fun!

MCBN: What’s is the best highlight that you’ve come across lately as Dark Light.

Honestly speaking, the first thing that comes to mind is the 8th of April at Modular Night Club in Cape Town. It was my debut that night, closing set for 2 hours. The crowd was perfect, the vibe was perfect, the lights, cold beers… everything was just perfect that night and the crowd responded extremely well to my set which led to getting more contacts and drunk bookings that actually were followed up on the next day, haha!

MCBN: We see that there’s a close relationship between you and STAB Virus. Are there any future collaborations in the pipeline that we should expect?

Yes, Siphe Tebeka & AudioJerk (a.k.a STAB Virus) are my partners in crime I could say. Siphe is my cousin and AudioJerk is a close friend of mine for many years. We’ve been through a lot in terms of hustling our way up the music industry ladder and nothing has changed, we help each other in any way possible whether it’s production, DJ’ng, Travelling together and even just sitting in my room abusing the WIFI over a large Gatsby. With regards to future collaborations, yes you can expect production collabs between us. We have something more than just studio sessions together brewing in the pipeline that will hopefully turn into a success. But with the amount of people that support us and are onboard the ideas we have come up with… I’m sure big things are yet to come. I can’t wait until we can officially announce them to everyone.

MCBN: Tell us what’s the next step in your musical journey. We have noticed on your Facebook page you post snippets of your records. Is there any of those Dark Light productions coming out soon?

I just recently published a mix on Soundcloud titled “Projection mix #01”, first of the new series I’m starting. The mix consists of 3 of my original unreleased records. I didn’t name them because I’d like to see who can guess which 3 are mine then upon release I’ll email them a free copy including other promotional material. Also, I just finished up a remix for Rob Sloan, which will be released on a New York based label soon.

MCBN: Name your top 3 artists at the moment that inspires you at the moment.

Enrico Sangiuliano, ANNA and Charlotte De Witte.

MCBN: What’s the first thing you do straight after you leave a gig?

Go straight to KFC in Observatory and eat streetwise two in the parking lot with Fanta Orange on the side (no ice).

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